Leaving sigils open / banishing

If you have a sigil “open” for one spirit, is it wise to talk to/call upon another? Do they all get along, or are there some you just don’t mix? I’ve seen people who have one altar for two entities, and I wonder if that’s okay. Mind you I’m coming from a Santa Muerta way of thinking, since I’ve experienced that she really doesn’t like anyone but her even around her altar space, but I also understand that this world is totally different. Also, regarding banishing and clearing, is there much of a difference between the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Bornless Ritual as far as effectiveness goes? Or, are they two completely different things? Is there a danger of insulting the spirit you want to work with to the point that they won’t want to come back to you after performing banishing?

Sorry, that’s a lot of questions for one post. :neutral_face:

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For your first question, some spirits do get along, some do not.Better ask those spirits if they are ok with it.

I am not sure which banishing is more effective or they are the same.

Now,wouldn’t it be rude that if I have called you for something,giving you something to do, then kicking you out? :smiley: Thats kinda disrespectful, banish the negative entities, not the spirit you called.


definately some entities shouldnt be evoked together


Haha. Yes, indeed that’s rude. I understand that part of it. So, I’d just exclude the spirit from the banishing; like an “everybody out except you” kind of thing. Would the spirit you called help with the banishing of the negative entities? I know Orobas seems to be very protective for example.

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I think they would, although I have never banished the rooms energy with the same spirit I have called,still makes sense in my opinion though.

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Well, for one thing, the Bornless Ritual is NOT a banishing ritual. The original Greek version is actually an exorcism, and the Crowley rewrite is an invocation used to connect with the HGA. The LBRP is far more effective at clearing out an area.

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Thank you so much for clearing that up. I was misinformed, and I’ll have to let that person know. This is why I joined this forum. Even though I’m going this alone, I certainly don’t want to do it the wrong way. Thanks again.