Leaving magick as of today (Not Really)

I have tried opening my third eye I worked at it it just doesnt wanna open I’m have been patient i will still meditate every now and again but I’m done having a spiritual life theres no point to it anymore if demons are mad at me if they see it as rebellion then so be it

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Well, goodbye then.


How long have you been trying to practice Magick if you don’t mind me asking?

Few years I would of had my third eye open but due to fear not knowing the truth I didn’t open it when it would of opened

I later down the road found the truth but it’s just too much Now a days

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Well then I wish you luck in your mundane life.

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I personally believe and be mad if you wish. You probably lust after results and tried to summon demons or any entities with out understanding the basics. You probably thought after a week you would see a demons form. Nothing great comes easy or without practice. Stay well. Goodbye.



Yeah I invoked many demons but never could actually communicate with them they did there communication through opening opportunities I never understood wtf they were trying to tell me I even attempted suicide because I misunderstood what Lucifer was trying to tell me

Lucifer saved me tho I didn’t have to go to a hospital or anything just walked it off


So you experienced a of this. Luckier saved you. But yet you still claim there is no reason to continue down this path? Well alrighty. Good luck friend.

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If I continue down this path I’ll end up committing suicide again

Do you get results though? Or do you simply have to see spirits to know it’s real?

I get results but they are later down the road and I have been getting very angry lately and part of the reason I get angry is because third eye just isn’t open which makes me wanna commit suicide

I would rather drink energy Drink And coffee drinks than go on instinct when I’m planning on something than get angry and commit suicide

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Again? I thought that was a one and done thing? I think you are looking at this all wrong and if you are going to spiral that far out of control.


Yep the first suicide attempt was nothing and now I wanna do it again and if I want to not be suicidal then I have to be a material human

I’m not spiraling I’m leaving magick so I won’t kill myself

I should of never got into magick which is another reason I’m leaving

If demons want me so bad they can open my third eye themselves


That’s something no one wants, so yes you better stay away from magick.


Yeah definitely at least then I can drink drinks that I wanna drink without having to worry about what it’s doing to my third eye

I agree with @Anassa stay away from magick if that’s the case.


It sounds like leaving it for a while is exactly what you need to do to me…

If the mind isn’t stable, it’s going to be very hard to affect things magickally

Magick is taking control with your will and intentions

Superstition/religion is believing in entities and battling with them - I mean just pick a god and pray in the traditional way if that’s how you attempt magick

Prayer however, if you read in scriptures isn’t begging… it’s gratitude that you already have something as if it’s already done

I relate somewhat to depression over not feeling advanced/open in your third eye… but you can do a million things in a troubled state of mind and you’ll never get truly relaxed enough to get anywhere

Take a break, do positive things and when you feel strong enough mentally and physically, return to spiritual practice… it’s meant to build you not drain you

Also maybe consider working with traditionally perceived lighter beings such as angels … sometimes we have blockages in our subconscious, not like conscious beliefs about things but if you think they can or will harm you subconsciously somewhere… you probably won’t have a great time and it could be that dragging you down mentally… Angels are incredibly powerful too and most of the world has less resistance subconsciously to them, on here I tend to find it’s the opposite as lots have moved on from religion but it’s just a thought that there might be negativity subconsciously about the way you’ve been practicing

Wishing you stronger soon!


Good call, get your safety sorted out and then just lead a good life, instead of fucking with something that’s not your path. :+1:


Good luck out there, may you find peace.