Leave offering for Demons and spirits


I live with my family and don’t have an alter but wanted to leave some offering. Is it okay to leave it right outside my window?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi,I am new on all this too, i doesn’t have altar too and I am dead if I get caught by my family if They know I offering to someone not christian god.

I share you my experience of offering, I live with my christian family, but I have my own room, I really want to offering to Lucifer so I set a temp altar for him. I follow YouTube video that teach for it.

I get a box that surface enough hard that not easy collapse, then I get a new black cloth that I doesn’t use, I printed out Lucifer Sigil and put it inside a photo Frame, then I go kitchen to find a little soy sauce bowl that fire proof (new one but not use yet) then I get a little cup (new but rarely use), and a very little and small plate for put incense on it for catch the ash of incense so the ash get burned won’t make the cloth dirty then my temp little altar sets.

what I need buy is White Rose/Red rose(Lucifer love rose), diabetes test lancet needle set, incense stick and candle, I not able to get black candle here in Malaysia, so I buy tea light candle that white color and I buy the incense stick thru online shop, that I search online that people said Lucifer like: sandalwood incense sticks. All things will put inside the box, and the box will hide inside my cupboard so no one will curious it.

Although my altar not completed, but that’s my way to do offering. I will locked myself inside my room, take out the box and get all things out, i use my iPhone to check the east place, I put the black cloth on the surface of box, sigil at the center of the box, then I put the little plate in front sigil the little bowls in front the plate, and the cup put at left hand side, then put rose on my bowl, I will use lancet to make my left finger bleeding, I will put some blood in bowl and I mask my blood on the surfaces of tea light candle, then light up incense stick and candle, then I started pray for him, after done everything, I will clean and clear everything and put inside the box and hide again inside my cupboard.

Use a random table and say that it’s food you’re going to eat later or something

You are one who possess the will to alter your reality. It is all about the mind and the creative visualization in practice. Find a random area that is private and you know you won’t be disturbed like the woods if by or maybe a pond, it could even be your attic. There are many private places that can be found when you think about it. But when you find it, dedicate in your words. You don’t need an altar either, it can be all done on the floor!