Leather or cloth edition

I just want to know, is a Leather edition more powerful than cloth edition or are they equal in power
I cannot remember world wide shipping cost balg charges for grimoires.:sunglasses:

They are the same. It’s the content that matters, not the cover.


Don’t judge the book by it’s content. You know leather is the way to go. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nothing beats the smell of leather in the morning, which is the essence of the content in the book. * sniff sniff *



Your overthinking things again. If your getting a book just get the book.

Only difference is that leather is a little more expensive you pay for the look of the book. As @DarkestKnight say its the content that is important.
Me If i get a chance allways go for the leather ofc(;
As for Balg cost for shipment i believe its about 25 dollars or something worldwide.


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Thank you every one, you all have been a great help.:+1::metal:

I have only 150 Australian dollars, even 99 USD add 40% on top thats 140 AUD, then shipping to Australia 25 usd add AUD on top of thats 35 USD 140+35=175 AUD third week in October for me to purchase Lucifer Amaymon compendium cloth edition

Or i wait 3rd week in November i could purchase Lucifer Amaymon compendium Deluxe Leather edition for 320 AUD if by then i ready to purchase and all Leather edition run out i fall back on purchase cloth edition, i decide then.:metal:

Or you skip the leather, wait till november and also get Asenath’s latest book in cloth aswell that you showed interest in.

I going to wait until February 2019, because i am eligible to apply for a centreLink $ 1.200 advanced government payment with that i can purchase Asenath,s book in Deluxe leather as well as Belial without a master Vol 1 and Circle of counter creation talisman, also if i have enough money i add the Trinity of triangles to match the Black book of Azathoth i have in my possession, as well as Lucifer Amaymon compendium deluxe leather edition Vol 2 i be able to go out into the Australian desert like the Flinders Rangers or the Simpson desert with the Black book of Azathoth and the Trinity of triangle i watch how SBen Quyan did that Trinity of triangle held down by rocks an he stood inside a circle of stones, the only reason i purchase Cloth edition if Balg runs out of Leather editions.:metal: