Learning to Control Wrath and Use it's Power

Learning to Control Wrath and Use its Power

As a wrathful goddess myself, one of the emotions I’ve supressed and also my strongest power lies in my wrath, my dark vehement rage. There are different levels of anger that can become dangerous and hatmful to others when it is not controlled.

To Control or Not to Control.

Controlling the fire within you, means to hold and exercise your wrathful power intelligently and effectively on a psychic level. Its okay to release your anger and by all means do so. Holding back your anger cripples your throat chakra and other chakras. Anger also lies stemmed in our spine, like kundalini, anger rises from the base of the spine upwards. Our dark emotional wrath also lies dormant in your lower chakras as well as the solar plexus which is the burning furnace within us.

Meditation to Burn your Anger away.

When the situation is escalating too quickly and this is from my experience, learn this easy meditation I’ve taught myself to do this when I was a younger girl. I was bullied and picked on a lot in elementary school. I’ve added only more to it.

●Close your both your fists into a hard ball and close your eyes. Take in deep breaths slowly. Continue to breathe very slowly and deeply for a while.

●Visualize yourself standing in the darkness alone. As you are there, count backwards from twenty to zero, while easing your fists lightly. As you are counting backwards, visualize the target or situation as a picture in front of you. Ignite a burning flame and let the flames burn wildly all of the picture away of what or who made you angry. Seeing the ashes of the picture disappear into the darkness.

In my experience, I felt a major release that which is like steam rise out of my body through my crown chakra. This method allows you to take back the power within yourself and to take care of yourself first before you begin your offense. And by all means do release your anger in any effective way possible.

-Shaneli U.


Thank you for taking the time to post this, it’s very helpful.


Your welcome!


Thank you for sharing. I will definitely use this.


When I work with anger in ritual, I cannot help but laugh as it is released from me. Sometimes it is a deep, booming realization of control. At other times it is an ecstatic, cackling indulgence.

I’ve found this to be a great way to move on from the undesired emotion that I have shared with the demons. They will know what to do with it, all I must do is revel in the magick and in the results.