Learning qliptop,experiences

Hi,my friend told me,to be a round magik,we have to have a open mind,test diferent sistems of magik,tis few weeks i will star whit qliptop,i was like wat? At the end i decide to see wat is about it.did some research here& tere,so i will go for,just will follow his advice,circle,& chant,seals,etc,its,all,.

I’ll be starting some research on this. I worked cabala sephiroth for a bit sometime ago. I do not like the restrictive aspect’s of the system being the trees are derived from. However, seeing the Qlippothic path as a workable pathway into the acausal has awakened the explorer in me.

My friend told me kabala works,but it is demanding,do qliptoph easy,fast,and not follow to many rules, i testing a spell its a 3 weeks,ritual,under 30 mnts,i will plst results,

The Qlippoth is not easy, you will be tested and the further into the spheres you go the testing only gets harder. The rulers of each Qlippothic sphere don’t give you anything without earning it.

Hi,guys,i did my first test,i did the post here,i read somwhere,tat a person has a very bad xperience,andreje say it will test ya will,earning smthing,so looking 4 diferent views,sistemas,i knw if i keep reaching my goal,it be ok,and done,now war are ya tryng to get? Test? Or have a knwledge person guide ha tru it?im curios,but poen mind,2.

Not really.

I dnt gwt it,some plz talk about you xpefiences plz,how come fuck ya up? Did ya gkt a teacher? Or go alone? Its dangerous,could be,i do pray,etc, my friend taught me im ok,:slight_smile: maybe a good teacher i have:). Also,not sex,drink,or eat 2 much,so i follow instructions,post xperiences plzz,ciao,

I’ll be interested to see the effects of working it from a non-self perspective, or does working the trees require an embodied human perspective?

I’m guessing I’ll see the un-aligned remnants of my personality and habit’s burn away, but I can’t be sure.

Any experiences to share, those who have done some of this work?

It depends which traditon ya use.work one,get a break.yes a month.and reuse the one ya use,or star otherone.draw seal,chant mantra,name,over 200 times,i use 2 already,1 for a grl,another,for revenge,its a energy 4 sure,others peoplz go 4 seeing tree,etc.it depend ya teacher,1 thing my teacher,never say,why a month break,im a pupil,but yes its power,

Thanks zorrito.

According to teacher,working too much whit them,involves a dark aura,energia,who can liger around ya,so a month be fine break.also the energies can screw ya head,mind,both,phisifc? Mentally,and ya must star whit a light surreand ya,and a pray,is all i can say.

Work with the Archangel Michael, he can help balance out the energies of the Qlippoth.

Not really.[/quote]

Your not doin it right then[/quote]

If this is your perspective then you have spent little time working with these spheres, or spent too much time working the lower spheres. It can, and usually will, rearrange your life to better finish the work; at first it may seem to “fuck it up”, but that’s just the point of view until the end result is seen. It will remove weakness and drab from your life, and enflame it with a new life, just have to wait it out. It’s a transformational process, it doesn’t happen overnight, and it only happens fast with further workings, not backing off and saying “I quit, I give in.” Change can only be had by changing the conditions, that is where evolution takes place.

Side note: Lucifer is also another to work with to balance these energies in addition to Michael; as Lucifer has dominion over all the demonic rulers of the Qlippoth.