Learning past live skills:

Is it possible to learn skills from my past lives kinda like in Assassins Creed? Say I was a rifleman in WW2, would it give me all the knowledge my past life and his marksmanship skills? I’ve noticed most of my past lives had something to do with the military so might as well use this to my advantage.

Thanks in advance.

Yes it’s possible, when someone soul dives themselves they can observe their lives even the use of the skills they had in said lives and how to apply them to their current life, or meditation on their past lives.

What I am capable of doing energetically is what I knew how to do in my core life/life between reincarnations.


I’m attempting mine via hypnosis but each time I lose consciousness, I seem don’t see or hear anything. I do feel a lot of energies though.

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From what I gather hypnosis can be hard when done alone so it might take some time


Your advice is appreciated as always!


If it’s like a hypnosis audio/text file, it honestly depends, but the lack of flexibility in the session is what makes it less reliable than a one on one session. THAT BEING SAID, it is still very possible and even practical to use hypnosis files on their own, you do need to get used to hypnosis if you plan on using it for important things, as hypnosis and being hypnotized is very much a skill you develop, it’s just not completely conscious.

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Hiya OP! The water-element variation of the Akashic Records is known as the Akashic Shore, and on it are seashells containing the information of the being interacting with it’s past and future lives. Go there, focus on the skill you want to learn, and follow your gut to a specific shell on the Shore, raise it to your ear, and let it fill your senses with data! :slight_smile:


Will do thank you so much!!!

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From what I’ve noticed about past lives it is you but it also isn’t. Part of what makes us who we are is the networking, memories and life we built up in this life.

Because you had a skill in a past life might make it possible to for you to pick it up faster, but you will still need to build on it or it might be physically impossible.

We start lives not remembering for a reason to be mostly a blank slate so we can grow ways we need to.


I kinda expected that :sweat_smile:

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Also skills like marksmanship you have to keep up with all the time regardless, like working out or learning an instrument.

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So I attempted accessing my records via guided medidation and I can’t remember shit. I feel different though and I feel very dehydrated and sick to my stomach, is this normal?

This sounds so interesting. I’m still not sure how to access the akashic records or see my past life. Can anyone give me a few tips on how i can achieve that?