Learning Astarte's Love Slave Rite?

So I was looking into the Astarte’s Love Slave Rite and I wanted to ask a couple things.

First of all, is it possible to actually learn the Rite/Ritual itself? It’s all well and good for J. S. Garrett to be able to do the spell for us if we pay him the $999 to do so. But I would like to know where I could learn to do the exact same thing myself. If anyone knows the answer to that one I’d appreciate it.

Also, I noticed that you can not only make a crush your sex slave, but you can influence authority figures and turn a bitter enemy into a close friend. Now we wouldn’t necessarily want the authority figures mentioned to be our sex slaves, nor our bitter enemies to turn into our sex slaves either. So is the spell done differently if the person you are targeting is someone you only want as an ally? Example, certain herbs used in the spell if you are seducing your crush that you wouldn’t use if you were just influencing an authority figure in your favour?

Just thought I’d ask if anybody knew. I’d love it if J. S. Garrett taught us specifically how to do the spell ourselves.


That is a huge amount. It is better to work with daemons on your own to help you come across people who genuinely wanted to be love/sex slaves.

I’m genuinely curious, what makes you think someone would reveal a secret ritual when he is charging $999 for it?


He himself may never reveal it. I just wondered if anybody else by chance figured it out.

Ok, fair enough.

Would love to see him publish it maybe even in whole book on just astarte

That aren’t that many. A lot of people want to play as one, but few have the balls for it.


Ask isis/astarte. The ritual is insignificant imo, she will help if you just ask.

If you want love with a specific person i suggest asking her for help getting to know the person.

I have done this, astarte is extremely effective in love related things

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He did mention on a video with JD Temple that he was going to film a micro course on it, and said it was in the anthology, that I have yet to buy.

I wondered about the micro course he mentioned. And where that was. Either it isn’t available yet or I just didn’t see it.

Hey, wondering if the micro course ever appeared and if there is a way to contact him and ask when or better if he will ever make it available :)?

Thats BANANAS. I can see dropping at best $500 but a WHOLE ASS G? That’s not possible for the average joe and totally inconsiderate in these financially trying times. Goodness…I BALK

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I concur. The Goddess of Love will do the trick, if you ask for her help, though I seriously doubt she would force someone to be your slave against their will, that pretty much seems to go against the basic principles of romantic Love.

Sheesh wheres the fun in that? We’re supposed to be ascending into the realms of breaking someones will. Well, at least I aspire to…