Learning another language


Hi, there are plenty, just look up some of the grimoires (including EA’s), anything related to ‘liberal arts’, search for that in the office of the entity.
Ose of the Lesser Key of Solomon would be a good choice.
Most of the entities were close to literati, as magicians are fond of books, language and words, so like attracts like.
If you’re a beginner, try consecrating and opening a sigil to help you with this.
Of course you’d be required to study hard, it won’t implant knowledge directly into your head, but will help you memorize and use it.
I remember a case, Jake Stratton Kent asked to be taught the secrets of botany and herb magic , after a short while he got upset as he didn’t seem to progress and asked the spirit why. Next day he received a pile of books on herbology, out of nowhere. Hint, hint, hehe.

Good luck!

There are also entities like Paralda (elemental king of air, from Evoking Eternity) that can teach you to enhance the mind and memory in general, to facilitate learning anything.


I’d evoke an entity related to learning as mentioned above, then get some of the Pimsleur language courses, they helped me learn a language pretty quick. With the aid of a spirit helping your memory and learning, plus the fact that you spoke it once, you should be on your way in no time.

Thats a great idea nik Ive been learning German and never would of though of a spiritual path to mastering it.

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I knew I saw a spirit for language somewhere, been digging through my books and found one. Hael/Hacel, from the Grimorium Verum, language is his specialty.

I had evoked Paralda when I had to learn another language. The end result is that now I can understand it well enough but I have difficulties to express my self in that language. I think that this happened because I never wanted to learn this other language and I don’t like it…
What I noticed though was a significant improvement of my memory.

Do you have his sigil or do you know where else I can find it? I don’t have the Grimorium Verum and I need an alternative for Forneus. Language is his specialty as well but I can’t seem to be able to establish a link with him. That’s why when I needed help with learning a foreign language I chose Paralda to help me.

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