Learning and Practicing NLP opinions

Hello all, I was just inquiring if anyone on here has had any success with NLP and if so, any tips or recommendations? Another question, could you use NLP on yourself to quiet your thoughts and emotions and invoke demons, angels, spirits, glyphs or any other entity? I wonder if it would put you in a state where your focused on your idea to make it manifest in reality.

NLP gives you an understanding of how your mind and other people’s minds work, and gives you frameworks for efficiently interacting with and reading other people (with that knowledge it’s easier to manipulate them as well). You can use NLP to learn better control of your own mind and body by understanding how it works and reprogramming it to be more efficient.

Tips, read ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins for a good overall view of what you can do with it.

Also Jason Augustus Newcomb has a ritual magick training system New Hermetics, in which he incorporates NLP methods. I found it interesting and insightful to compare his development system to the grade levels of other Lodges materials, and how he links different NLP modalities to different levels of development.