Learned my lesson

Well I fucked up one year of ruin from the Infernal Divine I will do a peace offering and apologise I do it here publicly as a start I did a tarro reading and from one experienced magitian figured out they either didin’t want to work with me or hate me so I publicly apologice to Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Lilith, Clauneck, Pendralion, Sitri, Gremory, Sallos, and the 4 archangels and all other spirits that I summoned I appologise!!!


trust yourself,forget this called experienced magician…

what he said to you is bullshit,he just wanted your money…


Apologizing isn’t the answer, you know what to do. From your last post I think you’re starting to take a safer route.

No one hates you, trust me. It more of family being exasperated with you.

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He Said that a experienced magician Said This to him…he Said magitian instead of magician

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English is not everyone’s first language…

@DavidSmith my message was to explain the main message to another user @Niwo390 ,i was not debating and pointing out his language.
you cannot see the message because it was deleted by @Niwo390.

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Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

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well the tarro reading was this starting from scratch new spirit that is from one magitian I think they either hate me I did something in past life or am not ready for them VK Johannum said they didint have a problem with my business if they didnt then they ruined my financial life on purpose if not this then for 1 year they could have at least made my life a little better only pain mysery and ruin I was broken psichologicly a few times near insanity with a huge form of depresion slept all day didnt want to talk to anyone like the world was against me and anguish I don’t believe these are good signs and I canno’t see in anyway how this makes me stronger I read what some other people have experienced I don’t believe it has to be like this what would you do in my situation ?

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If it doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you more experienced, at least…

Yes but I am not hear to live a life of bad experiences better to die than suffer here

if someone of you guys that works with these spirits can do me a tarro reading I would appreciate it alot

Take some time, you will change your mind. It’ a phase in life, most people go through this. I know it wont make you feel better, but take my advice, pls.

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What would you like to know?

3 card past present future with the relationship of curent spirits and what shoud i do

Past: two of cups, love, but still not functional
Present: five of pentacles, not so good, all kinds of problems
Future: ace of discs, mastering your world

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thank you alot ^-^

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It’s okay.

Do what you can to forget about past, don’t burn out, and work on your goals. The road is open :slight_smile:

My question is should I make peace with those spirits and make friends with new or should I continue to work with these and see what happens but I cannot suffer any more I am one step away from insanity

You need some break.
The spirits are fine with you, but let them alone for a while. You will get a special interest in some of them, not all. I’m talking about some period of 2-4 months.