LBRP thing

I have been diving deep and gathering info about the occult and lately iv realized how similar the Opening Ritual from Gordon Winterfields 72 Demons of Magick is to the LBRP. the Opening Ritual is very simplified and has the same concept. Is it an effective banishing ritual?

That is the Circle of Power, and you will find a more in depth explanation of it in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick. It is based on older sources of Kabbalistic magick. Crowley reversed the elemental correspondences for Fire and Air in the LBRP, and the Circle of Power puts them back in their original arrangement.

Yes, it is an effective banishing ritual, though I have never used it in that capacity. Brand says it can be used to clear an area.

Then i will just use that to my rituals since it is more convenient to use. Thanks!

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