Lbrp or this👇?

I just believe in multiple creator type gods out there. Some we may not have a name of. I say this in a healthy scientific mind of “This place is way way to big to only have one boss!” :upside_down_face: I say this in the context of just how big existence is. To only have one creator of it all would be…well weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@DarkestKnight So question on this incantation, ok two, 1. What language is this? 2. I am assuming it works similar to the LBRP?

How can i dm you,or a way to talk to you in privet?

I agree with @DarkestKnight, my personal intuition when going into ritual is thag YHWH is not the name of the creator god, or he isn’t the creator god.

I used to use the name in the past, and I believe it can be used to refer to both a particular god as well as “The Source”, but personally it doesn’t feel right to use this name in every context. I don’t use it anymore in rituals I perform now, but I have no need for any such god names in my current practice.

I am a Neoplatonist (or heavily influenced by Neoplatonism) so I refer to that underlying power that is everything as “The One”. But, it is not necessarily a singular being or intelligence like in the modern Christian sense, but rather more as the ground of being in my current view.

And yes, I would say evocation and speaking with spirits is one of the most unreliable ways to gain true occult knowledge, in fact. Largely because most people who do this are unskilled and aren’t in a mode of consciousness necessary to reach true information, but rather simply only recieve their own thoughts or “flavored thoughts”.

Now, I won’t say the occult is 95% objective, I think that’s a bit excessive in my opinion. I think there is a good deal of subjectivity involved, but this subjectivity is in the sense of a shoe size 10 in the US being a shoe size 44 in Europe.

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If i make a topic and say that i will pay anyone who do channeling for me i will banned?

No, you wouldn’t be banned but the topic would be removed, as it is against the rules of the forum to offer payment.

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