Lbrp or this👇?

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.
1-Which one is more powerful?
2-does any body know the exact
pronunciation of it? a youtube clip or somthing like that would be good…sorry my english

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  1. Like a diet that works: it’s the one you prefer and actually do.

The more often you use a spell, as you get used to it and your subconsciuos learns what you want when you do that, the easier and stronger you get doing it. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer.

  1. E.A. Is now on Odysee, and I think you can hear him say it in the video courses up on the main BALG site.

Don’t worry too much about pronunciarion, it’s pretty straightforwardly spoken reading the components with a standard American accent.
It’s going to work anyway.


i use this incantation too,when i evoke goetic.
Works just fine.
Lbrp as i understand is different and use also different energies(banishing pentagrams,calling Archangels).

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!: The LBRP is the more powerful. The incantation clears a space but, unlike the LBRP, it does not set up a boundary to prevent anything from returning.

2: Just pronounce it like it is written.


Thanks bro,if you ask from a non angelic spirit this question,many questions would be answerd.
Q:are those god name in the middle pillar ritual is ok?

Yes, using the Middle Pillar is fine.

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That mean you asked before?
How much lbrp effects remain in the room?an hour?a day?..

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It is traditionally recommended to do the LBRP once upon awakening, and again before sleep, so it can be said to last roughly about twelve hours.

The Middle Pillar ritual is an empowerment for the magician. It does not affect the spirit you are evoking.


I know, i just cant get along with yhvh name,did any of those spirit you work with say something about yhvh?sorry my english

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No. No spirits have really been bothered by it in my experience. It’s something that humans get more offended by than the actual spirits. They don’t seem to care one way or the other.


Thanks,actualy i dont mind the spirits about this,what i care is that i dont want to link my self to a bad god like yhvh,if that is real thing or not

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@Mulberry If I’m correct, the LBRP combines the subconscious and the conscious together.

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Truthfully, Yahweh is no more a “bad” god than any other god that occultists and neo-pagans like to fawn over. Zeus, for example, regularly raped women in his mythology, wiped out humanity four times, and abused his wife and children, yet people have no issues working with him. In fact, the entire Greek pantheon was responsible for some pretty messed up crap they purposely did to the mortals that were ostensibly under their “protection.” They regularly tortured people for no other reason than they could, would turn them into monsters for some perceived offence, and then send “heroes” to kill them.

People act like somehow Yahweh is responsible for all the bad things done by the religion that was founded in his name, but conveniently forget that the pagan gods all committed their own atrocities as well, and the peoples that followed them were just as bad as the conquering Christians. Occultists and pagans love to whitewash history, and vilify Yahweh, but the truth is, our gods are reflections of us, both the good and the bad.


Thanks man🙏,so is that possible that yhvh is name for main creator?

Personally, no, I don’t believe Yahweh is the main creator. He is simply one creator god among many, as every culture in the world has their own. In his original pantheon, Yahweh was the son of EL, who was the actual chief god. When the early Semitic peoples moved to monotheism, Yahweh then usurped the place of his father.


I have a different take on this.

Yahweh is just the placeholder the monotheist nailed their new idea/religion onto.

A lot of the ensuing problems have more to do with the monotheist/Jewish priesthood/hierarchy/authority depending on what they actually did or didn’t understand about what they were trying to allude to or talk about.

In other cases, those with less savory aims just used it as a tool for control or to mobilize people towards whatever aim they had.

They also used it as a justification for their land grabbing, etc.

In my opinion, outside the use of YHVH as the tragrammaton and a cipher for qabvalistic stuff, I think “Yahweh” is a giant red herring people like to get their panties in a bunch about.


I think the name of the real creator is the first thing that every body should ask when they first time evoke spirits

Why? You will just get an answer that will fit with your own pre-existing biases. A Christian will be told it’s God, and an atheist will be told there isn’t any creator. The occult is 95% subjective, and what we experience tends to match up with our own internal beliefs and world view.

That’s why I prefer to use the neutral term “Eternal Source” for the power that lies behind all things, rather than the name of any specific deity. In the Book of Azazel by EA Koetting, Azazel simply refers to it as “the Eternal” or “the Divine.”


Why spirits do that👆?i want a answer to be true

Remember, everything is filtered through your own mind, and coloured by your own beliefs, biases, and expectations.

You would literally have no way of knowing if the answer you were given was true or false. How do you prove God is what they tell you he is? I could say that the true creator is the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Blessed be his Noodly Appendage!) and there is no way for you to prove me wrong. If Lucifer or Raziel told you the same thing, you couldn’t prove them wrong either.

You are making a few erroneous assumptions with this question. First, you are assuming that there is a “true creator god” and two, you are assuming that spirits would know its identity if one exists. However, spirits do not know everything, and they quite often given contradictory stories of their own origins, let alone that of the universe, so it is a big leap to make.