LBRP merkaba musings

About me shines the pentagram, within me shines the 6 rayed star…

Ever imagine when doing this that you’re enveloped by a flaming merkaba like the pentagram is your astral body almost (head, arms and legs) and overlayed is a six pointed one?

Just a random imagery that always pops in my head when doing the LBRP that I wondered if anyone else gets?

When I banish, I put the six rayed star in the sphere of Yesod

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Some versions of the LBRP trace the pentagram upon the body. I’m not sure about the Merkaba though.

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As if the two stars make a merkaba… so you’re sort of in inside it/part of it

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Sorry I’m having a bit of a brain fart too! This is when I do the kaballistic cross (which I do always prior to full LBRP) so I use it more for protection/preparation for rituals rather than banishing purposes as such