LBRP lhp edition [Questions about the LBRP]

Do lbrp in lhp edition can give potency or empower any spellwork that I do ?

That’s not what it’s for though, it’s a banishing, it clears your space of unwanted energy.

If you want more oomph for your workings, you can add to the ritual you do after the banishing, add consecrated and charged tools, bring in more entities, spend longer building energy etc.

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Since lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram could remove unwanted energies around the surroundings do lbrp could also be useful to remove unwanted energies within myself ?

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The LBRP removes unwanted energies. Not just unwanted surrounding energies.
Charging the pentagrams with the godnames, evoking the four archangels… all this balances your inner environment. Hope this helps.

What about the left hand path version someone already done a modified suitable for lhp Practitioner

You can just use the archangel names instead of Godnames, you can modify it to whatever you like

Enoch Petrucelly has an amazing Goddess Pentagram rite, it legit clears stuff out of my spine lol

I think there’s a shadow when people use the “lhp” version. But, I’ll probably need a few years of practicing both to really give a more complete answer