LBRP from book. Any mistakes? Physical felings?

So I’m learning the LBRP. They’re about 15 steps to it in my journal, not that difficult and I memorized about 5 steps so far

Is it OK to say and perform the ritual by just reading from the journal, though? Of course following the steps is a must especiallywhen facing the cardinal directions, but with the journal in my hand reading from it is what I’m referring to, just in case i havent yet memorized it all.

And what about physcal symptoms while performing it? If Michaels elememt is fire, is feeling heat a sign that you’re doing the ritual correct? Same with Gabriel being water element so I’d feel humidty or something similar right?

And lastly, if I make a mistake, must I start the ritual over from step 1?


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Yes you can! When i started I had a note with me to remember the names and stuff!
I have memoriesed it by now but sometime i do it mentally in my astral temple but while I am reading from my notes wild awake! I state what direction I am facing astrally and do the visualising and chants! It works for me just fine!

Yes! When you also visualise the elements your mind reflect it to you as a physical sensations!

No! Just fix what you do and keep going! Its the intent that counts!

Don’t over think it and just flow with it! What makes it work is your intentions and will!

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Thanks alot! This really helps!

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