LBRP dismissal of the 4 powers?

Today I was having a long discussion with a ‘partner in crime’ about the LBRP on how to end the ritual. As I consider it being an invocation, calling into yourself the energy of the spirits, I never dismiss the entities at the cardinal points afterwards, I only give my thanks.

He told me that the LBRP is not an invocation but rather an evocation, because you invite the entities (archangels, gatekeepers of hell, whatever system fits you) to acompany you during the ritual, so you should always clearly dismiss the powers so they don’t stick around.

After the discussion I immediately performed an evocation of google but it didn’t give me a clear answer. Some people state it’s an invocation, other say it’s definitely an evocation. There’s also a third group who claims there’s no difference between the two, that the entities always manifest when you call upon them, whether it’s their energy or a full physical manifestation.

Any thoughts?

I think it’s more of an evocation than and invocation… because you are calling the gatekeepers forth, but not necessarily into yourself… but sometimes the line here gets blurred… Because once telepathic communication is established, they are partially “in your head, in your own mindspace” to communicate, hence, invoking to some degree… I never dismiss… either… ever… Even when it’s not a full ritual… It’s just a personal thing but I’ve grown attached to “feeling” them around all the time… especially Paimon… I wouldn’t suggest anyone else just jump up and do that without first testing to waters to see if that would actually be an overload or not

The Lesser Pentagram ritual is a prayer in ritual form, making it an invocation, which if defined as prayer in any dictionary. When you expand the name AGLA in full it is translated as Thou art Might Forever My Lord. The prayer of the circle would be God, Lord, I am that I am, thou art mighty forever O Lord. With the angels, no need to dismiss them. You aren’t supposed to. The angels fortify the aura. The ritual composes a circle, like the Universal circle or the Solomonic Circle they sell here. The full circle is created with the lesser hexagram ritual. It creates a hierarchial circle going from the prayer to god as the outer ring, the angels the middle ring and the hexagram the inner ring. The QBL cross portion forms an equal armed cross in the center.

AGLA may have a deeper, though not exactly different (except in terms of dogmatic religion) meaning when translated into Enochian, I posted about that here and just sharing in case it’s of interest.