LBRP Directions for southern hemisphere

So when one is to face north after having drawn the pentagram in the east for the LBRP…do people in the sourthern hemisphere (Fiji, Kenya, New Zeleand, Australia) etc. also face north or do they do the opposite which is to face south?

So for the people in the North of the World, After drawing the Pentagram on the east, you turn to draw the pentagram on the North. But for lets say people in Fiji, I think, One would have to turn to South instead of North and draw the pentagram.

True? Thanks in advance.

Um…no. I think you have your directions confused.

The magician in the Southern hemisphere would turn clockwise, the same as would a magician in the Northern hemisphere.

That means you move from the East to the South, not the North, no matter what hemisphere you are in. You complete a full circle, ending back facing East.

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Ahh right…Thank you so much…Lol your so helpful XD

Anyone here in the Southern Hemisphere.? How do YOU do it.?