LBRP and weird noises

Today was the first time doing the lbrp and it felt good doing it. So, I did it at my gram’s and uncle’s place to clear out the environment to make it a fresh slate due to my uncle and his jesus freak paranoia energy and whatever he’s been interacting with…also trying an experiment. I go in the basement and perform it with godly intent and focus and shit got weird. I started hearing a high pitch steady freqiency with no origin anywhere in the house. I step outside nothing I go back in and it’s as clear as day and Im the only one that can hear it.

That ever happen to anyone with the lbrp?


Ascension energy take it as a good sign


Wait, thats what that is? I get the ringing whenever i come acrossed something profound and every night after like 1 am.

Always thought you were just sensing active energies

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Well the trick of hearing certain spirits is to raise our vibration. The energy you get out of the LBPR activates your chakra’s (so it does the same thing) and that’s why you hear the high pitch.



Shit’s kicking back in…FUCK YEAH!!!

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It happened again at their place. I mentally zoned out to my uncle’s jesus blabber imagining me doing the ritual and the sound kicked in again. He completely changed the jesus crap to something completely off topic mid-rant.

I forgot how fun this could be. Reminds me of a skit where Bush Jr is rambling nonsense, gets smacked and back on topic like nothing happened lol