LBRP and banishing every entity in the area

I am hesitant to ask this because it seems kind of dumb but, I will anyway.

I do the LBRP, then I do an invocation of all the entities of the sephirot.

Would elemental angels be able to stop celestial angels from being invoked, or would they know that I wanted them there? Or would they just be outranked?

I am new so I am looking for a more gentle experience and I use Divine Names instead of angelic names., so YHVH instead of Raziel for Chokmah. (I assume that would matter when it comes to rank).

Is the LBRP keeping out energies/entities I am trying to invoke into my aura?

It seems so stupid to ask but I thought I better. Doing it this way doubles the length of my daily spiritual routine, so if it does not work I need to get rid of it and spend that time doing something more useful.

If you’re worried, why not change from the Lesser Banishing to the Lesser Invoking Ritual (exact same process, only the pentagrams are drawn differently)? You can then do the banishing after your main ritual.

However, to answer your question, no, whatever you call after doing the LBRP would be let through. What the banishing ritual does is prevent unwanted forces from interfering. Things you didn’t summon, like wandering spirits, impostors, or parasites attracted to the energy of the magick.

Yes, they would be able to stop them. The 4 archangels invoked in the LBRP are not just elemental angels, but are themselves celestial. They are not limited only to the elements, but are capable of far more.


In case some entities are “wanted” the LBRP won’t block them, especially if it’s performed before; it will clean the place, so to speak. Elemental spirits are helpful with contacting others, for example it’s possible either to indeed do an Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram or to call gnomes, undines etc. prior to the evocation or invocation of another entity.


I do an invoking of them too.

I used to do it everyday as my practice but I decided to step up to all 10 angels, so I switched to the LBRP and then the invocation of the 10.

If fact I just did an invocation of them to charge some water with earth energy.

Anyway, thank you. Your the one who actually encourage me to do the LRP invoking and I did it for a couple of months. It really helped me.

I appreciate your help and guidance. Going from the LBRP to the invoking really helped. That is why I decided maybe invoking the 10 was my next step

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to build a good visual of an angel. I’m having a heck of a time getting these images into my head.

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I generally just let the image appear as they will, and don’t try to force anything.