Layering a petiton

Hello all!

How would I go about layering a petiton to include Belial, sallos, dantalion, and Sitri?

Do I write the petiton stating each of their names and then in the petition specify what help and actions I would like from each one individually?


Perhaps make separate ones? It makes more sense to me.


If I were doing it, I would evoke all four of them at once and speak my petition, outlining what I would like from each. HOWEVER…I can handle all four of them at once. Not everyone might. So, I’d go with what Twilight Dragon suggests, make separate ones, and make sure that each of them know that you’re asking for the other things from so and so. Say you want:
Belial: ticket to go away
Sallos: cop that wrote the ticket to love my car and not pull me over anymore
Dantalion: judge that doesn’t like me in his courtroom twice a month to hate me anymore
Sitri: court clerk to fall in lust and call me up using the number on my ticket

Say you call on Belial first. You’d petition him and also let him know that Sallos will be requested to do such and such, Dantalion to do such and such…and so forth. Same for each of them. That way, nobody is stepping on the others toes.


That makes sense, thanks!

I’m hoping since they are all ones for beginners to call on that they will be more tolerant if I make a mistake initially.

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From what I’ve researched so far (another knowledgeable Practioner aided me), the Goetia Spirits are begginer friendly as long as you are respectful.