Layered spells with entities

Got a question for some of the people on here. I did two layered spells the other day one for manipulation of alot of people that need to fall in get things straight in my life. Did one for love and lust. So now my question for those that having been working with entities longer than I (me just about 2 months not.sure still if I contacted them hopeful that I have) once I set the intention with them do I need to do it everyday until results or just let it go? Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Not sure u qestion. Boths spells for same person. ? In love and my experience i will use 3 in a person such glamours, love lust. And waite 10 days and repeat, until a month pass, in manipulation depends wat u use a sigil?i give 3 weeks life invocation, a month. Ritual few days. In tis cases u have to go all cornes manipulation, control. Mind etc diferent spirts a goal. It no is easy.

Some would say forget about it and dont lust for results. But some would also say do a ritual as much as you can to give it more power and then forget about it until you do another ritual.