Layered love spell advice!

I know I could scour the forum endlessly for bits and pieces, and I doubt my scenario is unique but I’m feeling lazy today.

I have a lady friend I’ve been crushing on for quite a long time now. Well over a decade. I have moved rather far away, she however still lives back home. After a conversation we had, it appears as though she is looking to move away from that dead end town and experience the world a bit more.
I would like to make it very clear, I am NOT looking to petition any beings. None. And this is why I am posting.
She currently has a boyfriend as well, so the things I need help with are fine tuning my intention so as to not cause any harm to anyone. Happy endings all around. Don’t bother telling me it isn’t possible, I’m willing to layer this pretty heavily to manipulate circumstances.
This layered ritual needs to accomplish three things;
Break her and her current boyfriend up, potentially set him up with someone new to lessen the blow a bit.
Convince her to move out here to where I am specifically
Bring about circumstances that allow her to develop feelings she may already have toward me.
I have done the divination. I know there is something there, as far as her feelings toward me, and the outcomes for her and I individually seem very positive overall with a lot of room for growth, expansion, and happiness and harmony. I just need help choosing candles and developing a layered intention with these candles that will ensure the highest probability of success.
I am trying not to be too specific with it overall because that seems to backlash, I feel like the intention needs room for the universe and life to do what it does, but I wanted input before I attempted this on my own. I’ve never done a love spell, I don’t want to manipulate anyone into feeling some way, I want it to all be as organic as possible.
Sorry for the long post with so many requirements, I’m a bit particular when it comes to magick that affects several people.


I can help with the candles -
Red or white.

You want the energy to be seen.

As far as layering the intentions, I am not sure. I generally don’t perform love spells. Might help to put your over-all objective into the spell and not just one result.


Unless you are twin flames it will not work without dark magic involved. Even then it probably will not. She clearly dosen’t want a relationship with you. Why do all of this instead of moving on?


Nothing above stated she wasn’t interested in me. In fact, according to my divination there is a high probability she is interested in me. We never even got an opportunity to get that far before I moved.
All I’m trying to do is manifest an opportunity. I don’t think it is remotely impossible.


Welp, talking about any manipulation spell turns on a subjective matter. Sometimes can be harsh and the results can be nothing more than a disaster.

Like: the distance between you can be the worst of your problems. If you do a binding spell or any evocation in order to manipulate her feelings, the way she feels can be a real torture if both of you can’t be physically together. Then, if you ask for her moving you can be taking from her a lot of opportunities and stuff. You’ll really mess her life path. If things go right (and it’ll be very uncommon if it does) and both of you became a couple and do it really well, you’ll have to redo these operations every time they fade. If you lost your interest and spell is on course, believe me, it’ll be the worse thing ever. I was on there once. If you don’t lose your interest, you’ll have to know that she is under an enchantment, so you have to try to develop love on her, or you’ll have to “bind” her to yourself. And that goes more madness…

The fact is: I never see a black love/lust spell ending well. In fact, truth to be told, I’ve seen Sallos work a couple until these days, but there isn’t any selfish wishes but only a “true love” kind of spell…

Once I found a grimoire on Marduk that literally chains other “souls” to you. It’s like the target being ABSOLUTELY attached to you, on a way that the target can’t do anything if she can’t be with you. On that forum, 3 serious people have done this spell. 2 of them liked the results since they wanted to be “stalked” for the rest of their lives. For me, that turns that they living the worse life ever, because they need to do EVERYTHING you can imagine in order to satisfy their “lovers” lack of affection. Serious, once one of them cross 3 states by car, on a 14 hours trip, just because his target becomes literally obsessed to the point of promising being on his job and breaking the company because she didn’t like the fact of her friend way of talking with him. The other that didn’t like the outcome feels very guilty until these days because of the suicide of her target. She couldn’t support her living far, breaking their relationship. Worst scenario ever.

Again, I only see one black magic love spell (regarding relationships) bringing good results in the end, and wasn’t a binding one…

All that said, I’m not here to judge what you have to do. But you’ve been warned.

If you want to do a lust/love spell, you have to think on distance first. First break any physical barriers, after you put the spell. You can use the spell also as “support” on breaking physical barriers, like doing the spell, COMING TO HER, making a physical connection, and after coming back and making another spell to get her moving next to you. You have to plan steps first, don’t go all pretending. To be successful, you have to do step by step. That is the problem with love spells: any little barrier can turn on a huge one when it comes to emotions. So do it calmly, with all your intentions, feelings, emotions, lust, everything you have regarding her, and plan all your steps. Start with the nearly out of reach, like making her think warmly on you, after you work your communication, after manage her love by you, after DO YOUR JOB and go on a date with her, to make physical contact (a.k.a. kissing, sexing, or anything related to love and lust), and then you give her a reason to move.

Think your case and after that, do your job by planning carefully. Once everything is well planned, seek this strictly. Think on the “out of reach”, the possible, think small and you’ll reach the completely impossible. Give time to things occur, to magick mold your reality. You’ll have your desired outcome by doing that.


I’m contemplating how I carry this out very carefully. She is already talking about moving I just need to shift her focus to out here, which isn’t impossible. That’s some pretty simple stuff really.
I have no interest or intention of binding her in any way, but I can’t say the same for her current partner. It would be best if she moved here without any baggage or anything I have to work around so he is a target. I don’t think he will be difficult to get rid of though. The distance alone may shock him into giving her up if her conviction is strong enough. Then, I think should she end up here without her partner, based on my divination there are already some feelings to work with that maybe she stuffed away in fear of judgement or what have you that I need to bring to the surface. I might even start with evoking her truest feelings toward me prior to any other works to make sure I have something to work with in the first place. Meddling with free will and all that isn’t really on the table.
I am open to the idea that this won’t work out in my favor. Though, I feel a need to explore this with magick and see if I can bring something out that is already there to achieve my goal. If she were to go as far as moving here without her partner, AND spend a lot of time with me, that would be a solid indication that there is enough to work with in regards to building a relationship. If that were to fall through she would still heavily benefit, as I would help her make a ton of new friends and the job market here is exploding with potential, especially with her work history and education.

I do hope I am making sense. I am doing my best to pull this off with as little actual manipulation as possible. Just altering circumstance to work in my favor. It is a lot. It is very layered. But based on my divination it would be very good for each of us and we could be very happy together.


Have you thought about using poppets and/or a honey jar?

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obsession jar /hunny jar n maybe a domination/binding-freezing spell as well you those are my recomidations you dont want to over layer spells cause it may work toooooooo well or back fire toooo badly pm me for those spells ill throw in a few more just for you


Since you don’t want to call on spirits, you’re going to have to use some other method, such as candle magick, sigil magick, etc.

You’re gonna have to break it down into a few layers.

1st - break up spell.
2nd - an attractant spell for the boyfriend.
3rd - manipulation spell to move her.
4th - a feelings spell for her.

Not using spirits means you’re not going to have the advantage of the spirits foresight and knowledge.

You are correct on the fact that it shouldn’t be too specific. Your spells should be general like I just described - putting any restrictions on them will make it harder to manifest.

Now, which method to use depends on what you are proficient with. You could just combine the ones you are good with, for example creating your own sigil for each, engraving into candle, then doing rituals with each.

One thing you could try is creating a servitor for each of these. It’s not exactly calling a spirit to help you, while still having someone actively working towards fulfilling these goals, alongside any candle/sigil/whatever magick you’ve put out.

Also, candle color doesn’t matter too much (if you really want to, then you could go with black, red, yellow, red, following the spell order I laid out). What matters is the energy you put into them, as well as trance.

I suggest a truckload of sexual energy - one spell a day in order for you to recharge properly - infused with your intent.

Overall, think well and thoroughly if you are ready to go through all this magick and what you manifest with this woman.


Someone that knows how to read!! Thank you for your input! I did intend to go with candle magick. I had a plot in mind and an order of operations but I think you are right to go with the breakup spell first, just to get that out of the way.
I don’t want to manipulate her real feelings toward me too heavily but being christmas time, I’m going to send her a necklace (nothing pricey, just a common gemstone) imbued with my energy and intention, and of course the stone itself is to bring calmness, comfort, and safety which is perfect if I can get her to identify my energies with those attributes.
As far as getting her to move out here, I think once she is single and talking to me regularly/daily it won’t be difficult to persuade rather than outright manipulate her into choosing my general area. Maybe a minor attraction spell but definitely nothing binding, just something to pique her interest so it can all work out more organically. As far as candles, I figured purple would be well suited.
Also, thank you for reinforcing my idea of throwing her boyfriend a bone. Maybe it will make out for a happy ending all around. I don’t want to meddle too heavily.
Sexual energy is easy, fortunately.

Thank you so much!!

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Well, you have to do the best you can. Again, I’m not against anything, I’m not a moral judge nor anything like that. Just said about the experiences I hold on myself, but that’s on me only.

That said, there’s a lot of stuff that you can do.

If you are more on candle magic, I have one or two that do less manipulation but inclines people to do what you want. They will not do what you want if they don’t have any bonds with your thoughts. I don’t know if I make myself clear, but it’s like: if she already likes you, this magick will push her to choose a way that includes you, like moving next to you, for example. At least, she’ll be thinking in you warmly and this opens a space for you to work on a relationship. It’ll be “harmless” but you have to work it out anyways.

Also you have some sympathetic magic that works well too.

PM me if you’re interested in and I’ll teach you how to do it. But again, although I said it’ll be “harmless”, please have in mind that you’ll feel drained after it and you’ll make her think about you all day long, so you can think as a “little manipulation”. Also, it fades, so you have to look at the signals and work when you get the chance. And sometimes it fades “fast”.


Dear Isamo - I would like to know about your spells, if I may?


I would love to know what this grimoire on Marduk was?

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@Isamo_Minami Can you share where that grimoire on Marduk is? I would like to know the spell that chains other souls to you. Thank you.


What divination did you use on this to find her feelings? Could you explain to me how to do it?

Would like to know more about these candle magick spells too, have been experimenting with candles a lot recently, need to figure out how to DM on this forum first though!!

Would love an update on how this turned out?

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