Law of Concealment & no more than 3 open sigils at a time

If you’re subscribed to the EA’s newsletter you may have read these two ones :

Now, how would you track the number of open sigils if you are meant to forget about these after having opened them?

Didn’t you find it a bit paradoxal? How would you interpret it? Is there a point I miss?

You’re overthinking it a bit. “Forget” it isn’t an absolutistic thing, and it’s probably impossible regardless. You just need to put them into the back of your mind, so you don’t obsess and impede your own results. You don’t have to lose all recollection, so having an idea of your ongoing works is fine.

Besides, you should have a magickal journal anyway, so if you are actually capable of “forgetting” it for real, it will still be in the journal.


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Okay my first hunch may be correct so the rule is: no more than 3 magickal working in the same time.

Even with sigils that work permanently in the background, you somehow “feel” when it’s enough or when it has proven to be well on track to be discounted so we can open another work.

The idea is to keep yourself from having too many open gateways at once, as it causes conflicting clutter. If you have a long-term sigil, it should be engraved on a permanent substance anyways, so taking it outback to burn it wouldn’t really be possible.


I agree with E.A. . Just days before the newsletter I had the " feeling" I needed to close some doorways with sigils I had been working with for over 4 months. While things have been going according to plan without conflict, I can feel the " heaviness" around me, the house, and ritual room. Like too much going on at once. The newsletter was simply a confirmation to my original feelings.
I would draw the sigil, do my work, and lay the sigil aside with a small stack of others I had drawn but not opened. Working with different sigils over the course of several months for various reasons , I had forgotten about the other ones I had opened, leaving them to do their work. I hate to admit I realized I had 5 or six open at once.

So, how can one close a sigil he already buried or burned? Is it a mental step of affirming “Ok, now it’s over.” ?

If you burn it, you are closing it - this is the standard method among many on this forum.

When you bury it, it depends on what you do with it before. If you don’t know why you would bury it (ie. you have a method which requires it), just burn the sigil to “close” or “retire” it.

So would having three sigils open for different aspects of one goal fall into the 3 sigil rule?

For example if I used one sigil to get a promotion, one to get a bigger raise, and one to boost sales all with the goal of improving my career. Would it be better to space these out and close one and open another as the objectives were accomplished?

I can understand the issue of attatchment if one was using three different sigils to attack one aspect, but I see the different aspects as being seperate goals each with their own individual way of being attained.

I’ve asked about this already,

Koetting has told me no.

You don’t want clutter to happen, and by that I mean the entities conflicting with each other.

This rule is two fold, you have three sigils opened, and you open them for 3 different purposes, otherwise you’re hindering your own work…Or at least you are hindering the spirits.

You may think they are there for 3 “different” purposes, but you’re getting ahead of yourself, because as you say “All with the goal of improving my career”. This is truly 3 aspects of a single purpose, not 3 different purposes.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time, don’t be too ambitious…Pace yourself.

I’ve done a lot of work with this type of magick, and it’s something we talk about being “safe” but there’s an element of it being a psychic maelstrom you have to endure. You don’t open too many, you don’t open them too quickly, and most importantly of all…

YOU WON’T BE SUCCESSFUL, IF YOU CANNOT PUT ALL YOUR WILL INTO ONE GOAL AND MORE IMPORTANTLY ONE WORKING AT A TIME FOR THIS GOAL. If you can’t do that, you’ll never become mentally detached enough for your ritual to succeed in the first place.

Imagine the goal of mindlessness, you want the ritual to be done sure, but you have to take your intensity of feeling and NEED and put it into the ritual and leave it. Otherwise when you feel more need, and you exert it, you hamper the ritual. You’re not supposed to dwell on the ritual for a reason, so why would you go so far as to do more rituals…and intensify your will and never let it rest. If you don’t push hard enough, you may be lacking in result (because there is no need or rather no intention), however if you push too hard you strain the energy you’ve put out from achieving your desired effect or worse yet you manifest more need (because there is too much need or intent, or rather the wrong intention)

The ritual is fed by your emotions, you can only get out that which you feed into it. You can’t over or underfeed it to be successful. But more importantly you’re getting into altered states of consciousness that you never normally enter into in the waking world to achieve this, at least not consciously. If you did, then you would have no need for magick at all. Sigil magick, or any other isn’t just a 5 minute operation, it’s ongoing until you get your goal and close the gateway. The ritual doesn’t end in the temple, or at the burning of the sigil…

FIRST COMES THE RITUAL, THEN COMES THE WORK. You have to then go out in the world and help this manifest and take shape. It requires something on your part as well. Money just doesn’t fly to your door step. All these things don’t just get achieved. Think of the logical order and follow it through. Boost your sales, then try to get a promotion, and then try to get a raise if it didn’t come with the promotion. Take them one at a time, and use the momentum of your previous successes to overtake your future obstacles and turn them into greater successes. Go to your job, and benefit from the opportunities the magick gives you and when you finish you can repeat the process to your liking and see how much stronger and more capable you are to achieve the next goal. You need to build on a foundation, not drop a house on the ground. If done correctly you’ll still have more positive momentum if you want to keep improving your career with magick.

You need to remember something…You’re accomplishing it for the sake of doing it, and any “need” should be put into the ritual. You may think you’re not doing enough, but remember that ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. Tackle these goals one at a time, with the intention of furthering your career. You climb stairs one step at a time, you do not go over the whole stair case and expect to leap over it in a single bound.

More is not always better, especially in this situation.

You need to focus on being detached from your goal, not being obsessed with it.


I’m sorry to make this post long, I was just trying to illustrate the delicate balance we try to strike while working in this.

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Thanks for clearing that up FA and great post by the way.

I agree with what you said about putting the wrong type of intent out by accident during ritual. I try to follow E.A.'s advice on this and visualize during ritual as if I already have what I’m doing ritual for and I keep that up till I don’t care about the outcome. If your doing a ritual and dwelling on how desperate you are that is what your pushing into the universe.

You also brought up a good point about getting out and being able to receive the results. Unless your idea of love is a mail-order bride or a call girl who makes house calls your not going to find someone sitting on your couch. You have an exponentially higher chance of making the money you desire with a good job than winning the lottery, and even the lottery can’t be won if you don’t play.

One thing I like to do is use the momentum created from one result to help push the next. Using the career goal example I would use the influx of clients and the boost to my sales as a high point when doing my ritual for the promotion, seeing myself being told by my boss how impressed he is with me for improving sales and increasing the company’s customer base. This is using the high I’m feeling from the current success to push more success into the universe to manifest. My confidence is also higher at this time as it’s right on the heels of a ritual success.

I usually don’t obsess over goals too much and when I do I usually recognize it attempt to change my outlook on the situation. I don’t detach myself from results I detatch myself from the wrong type of results. I perform a ritual to get a new car for example I no longer think about the car or if the ritual was a success or failure. I look for HOW results are manifesting instead of IF results are manifesting. I try to keep a positive outlook about rituals and results if you start doubting your less likely to get success. Law of Attraction is a good example of this but I think is often mistaken for wishful thinking. Working for results with a positive/affirmative attitude is LOA and sitting on the couch every weekend instead of making things happen is wishful thinking.

I try to be thorough, because a good deal of the things I write about were obstacles of my own. I banged my head against the wall enough times, I worked my ass off and went through way more difficulty than I could have expected to make the last large sum I wished for with sigil magick.

Since then I have made an effort to refine my methods and try lots of new things, and the last personal consult I had ended up dealing with this inadvertently, and a good deal of what I have said comes from me bringing the same concerns you had to Koetting.

I just try to be very thorough, because I’m one of those analytical people who likes to know how the process works, and I spend a great deal of time ironing out the kinks, and putting together the pieces until I have something I put together that is not only “functional” but works to my satisfaction. It’s usually at that point I take what I’ve pieced together, tested it to my satisfaction, and then I try to give it to someone who’s looking for it. This is a lot easier than you think, because most people HERE have been introduced to the same methods at the same time, and have the same questions. It wasn’t that long ago most of the people here were scrambling to get into sigil magick after finding out the power of the Abramelin square that has become ever so popular. Now there are people including myself who have benefited thousands of dollars from it.

My main purpose of coming here and writing out these long thorough posts is because I felt like I wanted people who had the same questions I had not too long ago to get an answer that put them in a much better position to pursue their goal, leaving out a lot of the what if’s, mystery, time consumption, and maybe a slight amount of danger. It’s my way of giving back. I’ve had experiences that have transformed my life from this forum by the information others gave me here, my life has gotten better immeasurably.

My only hope is that the people on this forum find it helpful in their ascent. I hope I don’t come off the wrong way with my capitalized sentences and asterisked points. I’m just trying to stress certain things I thought helped bridge my understanding. I am glad you liked the post and found it helpful.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

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by the same token, if you’re doing some hardcore work that needs a bunch of stuff open at once (and do bear in mind that sigils aren’t the most potent of magical practises, useful as they may be), i’m sure it would be perfectly fine to open a dozen sigils over the course of a week, then progressively retire each one in turn.

coming from a computing background, i’m inclined to write flowcharts and algorithms using boolean expressions, then open a whole bunch of sigils for different things (either self-made or daemonic, planetary etc) with the expectation that they will not remain open longer than a few days each. at some point, many sigils will be open simultaneously, but i don’t sweat it.

if i’m planning to keep a sigil active for a few weeks or months, i’ll usually only work with just the one, otherwise (as has been said), different vibrations all come in and mess up the joint. at the moment i have one open that i have been using repeatedly, and it doesn’t play nice with others. even just having drawn others on paper in anticipation of use has been problematic (that is, they are still uncharged/unopened), so i’m going to have to destroy them before even having been able to use them.

other times, like with daemons of the goetia, they couldn’t care less which other ones you’re working with and only cause havoc when too many energy signatures overlap.

just my experience.


[quote=“taokua”]I can see some value in an idea that seems to be presented, and re-presented, but I think/sense much of it is a Meme-also (an idea with a life-essence of its own), and I wonder about the recommedation/advice given to do Magick (a Working chosen for a Goal, as well as along your Path) and to then randomly do things- things you don’t feel intuitively drawn to, what you are not doing per a msg received.

The idea being to enhance the random possibiliites: ok but that is like saying you have hired a contractor to work on building a house, but then each day you need to find new contractors, one needs to send others to wander through the work-site, even go in and try things as it doesn’t happen by it-self. True, but if a task is being done by (one’s-self or another) then it is, if it isn’t then it isn’t- to recommend trying stuff, as every little bit helps, ok, but that’s like a recipe in a kitchen saying one doesn’t leave bread to bake for a long-time without adding more ingredients, or if long-simmering a stew- it needs to be changed and altered… you can’t just let it sit and expect… well, if that is the “formula” …[/quote]

Well I wouldn’t contract the plumber to put on my roof and I wouldn’t get the guy who is going to pave the driveway and lay sod to do the electrical work unless he’s also an electrician. Point being certain entities have certain specialties. I wouldn’t expect one to be proficient in every need I may have just as I wouldn’t expect a proctologist to be best suited to deal with a toothache even though both a dentist and a proctologist are doctors.

If I were to make a dinner and throw all the ingriedients in at one time I may end up with a tasty dish or a pot of shit not fit to give my dog. It depends entirely on the dish I’m serving and the results I’m expecting. I could throw some select cuts of meat and nice plump vegetables in to a pot, stew them all down and have something good. If I tried to boil pasta, meatballs,spaghetti sauce and cheese along with a side salad and garlic bread in one pot and expect it to taste like a spaghetti dinner I’d end up looking for my car keys so I can hit up a local drive-thru. It’s all situational in my view and experience. There is no one size fits all system.

I may have been unclear on attacking multiple aspects of one goal. Using the job example discussed by F.A. And myself I’ll try to clear up some confusion. If I had 3 sigils open to boost my career (more clients. a raise and a promotion) it would make no sense to open all three at the same time. I would open the first to attract more clients to boost my sales to impress my boss. Why would I want to close this sigil? Why stop the increase that is getting me noticed and impressing my superiors? As E.A. said make this a permanent sigil, so it would be working for this goal until it is no longer needed. Opening the second sigil while riding the coattails of the last sigils success would be to get a raise. My chances would likely be higher for success since I’m now an asset to the company bringing in more clients than other employees so why wouldn’t they want to keep me happy. I wouldn’t close this sigil if I was trying to get a promotion as a promotion could be another way for the raise to manifest itself ( I wouldn’t create a sigil so single tasked as “Get a raise.” It would be more along the lines of “Increase my finances at work.” something giving more options in manifestation) Again, riding on the wave of success of the raise and the increase in clients who would be better suited in the eyes of the employer to give a promotion to than the guy who is bringing in plenty of money into the business and was just recognized for his achievements? Just because 3 sigils are open in the final outcome doesn’t mean they were all opened at the same time and doesn’t mean they would not be closed at some time. If a promotion presented itself where I would not deal with clients I would have no need for that sigil or the sigil for promotion but would likely keep the sigil manifesting an increase in pay open.