Law of attraction

Has anyone ever tryed law of attraction?. I’m trying today and trying to let it go.

It never works for me

@Lady_Eva she has awesome threads about LoA

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I was hard core believer for 5 years , trying so hard to feel good all the time worrying that a smallest negative thought will attract bad things , was a total failure.i was living in a fantasy nothing was working out , hated my job , bad breakups, financial troubles , my life had opened to useless people as I was supposed to love and accept everyone! However I still believe it is the core of any magick ritual , and what I like about the LHP is that a ritual automatically puts me in the mindset and feeling without me trying to stay positive!
In one his books Demon brand says “we are complexed dark being who are supposed to feel all the emotions not just be happy all the time”

I thought loa was a psychological term to my knowledge

Bro yes and its easier than you think.I practice LOA some months.
I’l give you some TIPS.

Let it go means except that is on the way to you like if you order some pizza and now you are detached from the outcome because you know you have it and is on the way.
This is let it go trust me Its not hard Its about mindset.
Be happy and enjoy your life because you have it its on the way to you but you can’t see it yet that’s complete fine.

Trust the process Its our god universe our source

Meditate and visualize and use affirmations.

Be already the person you want to be when your desire will be completed


I used loa for a while, didn’t manifest exactly what I wanted but something close.
It took me a month of constant visualisation of the final outcome tho. So you have to put some effort into it.

Yes, it’s my primary way of being - I’ve lived and breathed it for around 4 and a half years. It really does work, when applied consistently and properly, with good understanding. I base my practice on the Abraham Hicks teachings.