Law of Attraction vs Black Magick

How easily can the proper ritual, transform a magicians circumstances, INSPITE of existing beliefs, and remaining thought patterns?

Can an authentic evocation, (theta-gamma sync, proper sigil, emotional conviction, focused - intuitive flow etc) bring about changes in the Magician’s life, that his conscious self still feels certain of?

Isn’t Magick about thrusting yourself (or convincing self its being thrusted) into things the conscious mind may not think its ready for or capable of?

How much time do you spend on augmenting/ acclimating your beliefs and thoughts to your desired goal (Law of Attraction work), verses leaving the subject alone all together, and just “going with the flow” enough to be surprised by the Magick coincidences that do occur, (seemingly out of nowhere).

Sometimes in my wealth related ritual, I’m not sure if I should spend time “massaging” my thoughts on the matter, or stay COMPLETELY OFF THE TOPIC all together.

How much “space to breathe” do you leave for your rituals? And how do you keep from drifting on to the measure of its progress? Have your EVER second guessed a ritual in your professional stage? Do you ever “go back to the drawing board” - to amp up the potentcy of an existing strain of ritual work?

I want to do everything I can to amplify and accentuate my Magick, but I don’t want to “ruin a masterpiece” with “one too many brush strokes”

I think I get hung up between

  1. Seeing noticeable signs: synchronicity and strange animal behaviour
  2. Knowing the “not yet manifested goal” is still underway, even without me feeling the momentum of the thing.

I’m guessing belief becomes less of a problem when evocation becomes undeniably physical in the perception and communication with spirits…

But prior to that stage, what’s your advice for (internally heavy) ritual and evocation?