Law of attraction techniques you can use , why they work and don’t work

2 Cup Method:
Neville Goddard sleep method:
33x3 or 55x5 method
Dream board
Meditating on desires reality

Why they won’t work: the techniques will not work if you remain in the current emotions that are bring what you don’t want. If you want money then feel broke , it will not come because then the feeling wouldn’t match the reality and you would just lose the money, this is why people say self love before entering a relationship because if you get into a relationship hating yourself it will just be ruined in no time or be a shitty one with poor communication and insecurities. Limiting belief also will block the reality , your mind as a transmitter of frequency will be emitting contradicting frequencies if you have limiting beliefs

Why it will work: doing high vibrational activities , working on your passions, working out, making progress on something important , showing gratitude , seeing the positive to your situation ( as there is two sides to everything in life) Meditating on fixing limiting beliefs , healthy food , shitty food will cause you lethargy and slow you down mentally , fasting helps

Hope this helps someone


I’ve done the 5×55 method twice. I liked it although I got no results out of it.
But it’s great to build some self-discipline and commitment. Cause it’s kinda lame to do :rofl:

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It’s really boring , the important thing is too feel it as if it’s done, it’s best to do at night or in morning


The idea of love yourself first is something that I never really got along with until quite recently. I didn’t understand how that could make any sense because why, if we all love ourselves enough in the first place, would anyone feel the need to be with anyone else and why would there be so many succesfully loved up couples around everywhere you look?

The thing is that the emotions you carry with you do emit from you and into the atmosphere of those around you. It can be quite sublte at times but it will show up right back at you in what you experience.
When you imagine someone who is always the life and soul of the party entering a room, you can see the general mood of the room lift up, if on the other hand, someone with a lot of negetivity turns up instead, the general mood in the room will drop like a stone.

I saw this directly myself a couple of days ago when I visited my mum after the our bereavement, the rest of my family were there and there was one person I can not stand being anywher near. I got what I wanted, within five minutes they all cleared off without me setting eyes on them or having to say a word to them. My dark cloud seemed to eminate through the walls lol.

@John_Wick, saying about vibrational activities, working on your passions, seeing the positive to your situation and to feel as if it is done. This is all true and it works out that way in both possitive as well as negative situations.

The mood you carry is the blueprint for what comes next. That mood or intent, if you can carry that all day every day and not just morning and night, will become you.

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Yes it’s a universal law, it just can be annoying to rewire old negative programming , because until you do just same stuff keeps happening that you don’t want


Yes, whether you like it or not and whether you want it or not, we are constantly in a ‘gimme gimme gimme’ frame of mind and this is me, so give me more of it.


It seems to me that Law of Attraction is magick. It’s kind of watered down and repackaged to be more palatable to the masses. But magick nonetheless. (In fact, it’s how I explain the things I do to my husband, who would be deeply disturbed by the idea of magick, but Law of Attraction is ok. :slight_smile: )

I can also see it as a system of living that prepares you to have better success at magick. Positivity, Gratitude, Letting Go. If you hone these skills, you are already halfway there.

The 2 Cup Method is more of a Spell in itself than most Law of Attraction practices. I take this one thing, change it into this other thing, and then I take it into myself, thereby becoming one with it. It is clearly a spell. (And a good one at that.) Call it Law of Attraction, and your Mom is willing to do it.

The 333 or 555 Method. I agree that it’s boring. But it can also work. I prefer using an actual pen and paper instead of an electronic means for any writing type of exercise I do, but for me, most of them work. That may have something to do with the way I’m wired though. I’m a thinker, a planner, and a writer. I feel like reality can easily flow from my hands onto paper. YMMV

Dream Board. meh. Seems to keep things at arms length. A preferred method would be to take those things, love them a bit, and then hide them away in a box and forget about them. Just my opinion.


I think the law of attraction doesn’t work for people because although you can be doing positive thinking all day long with your conscious mind your subconscious is still programmed with the opposite. The subconscious is like 80% to 90% of your working mind and the conscious mind is only like 20% to 10% so you have 80% working against that 20% and it’s never going to happen. This is why magick comes into play because it’s a method of communication with the subconscious mind and an ancient form of subconscious programming. There’s a book called psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Malts that explains subconscious programming.


I think you are right about this. But it kind of applies to magic also. It applies to that set point, that condition that is normal to us, that we have such a hard time breaking out of.

An easy way to see this is with money magic. Like the way people do a money spell and receive 50 bucks. Or the way you will hear not to ask for too much when you do a money spell. Why is that? Because it will have a hard time manifesting, fighting that subconscious belief system that keeps a person in a mode of constant brokeness, or financial struggle of whatever form. So yes, the magic works, but only to the extent that you allow it to, given your subconscious belief system.


Damn it! Magic / Magick… Whatever! Sorry for spelling errors.

Yea I know that it’s really hard to attract with limiting beliefs , the sleep method and meditation can help with rewriting the limiting beliefs though


Yea breaking out of the paradigm is really hard still trying to figure out how and maintain a better one

I don’t know the Neville Goddard Sleep Method. Years ago I used to do sleep hypnosis and I think it helped a lot. (That may be what you are talking about.)

I stopped because it seemed to affect my sleep and make me less rested in the morning. Sleep is such a happy place for me! Plus it seemed like I had reached a point of diminishing returns. Maybe I was “all better” at that point. LOL

Yes, and I think the law of attraction to most people seems to require a huge shift in perception. That positive thinking thing, which seems too draining to keep up with and that goes against the tide of the tug of war in the subconscious mind. So they give up and let it fail because they think it’s all too delusional.

The trick is of course, to accept that it is delusional, but only a temporary delusional act that really should keep within the sphere of probability… which can be as wide as you can accept it to be.

I suppose the same can be said for why magick fails for people too. It can also require that same huge leap of faith contrary to what they believe can happen, governed by their subconscious limits.

I like those old books @AdamThoth, not sure i’ve seen that one before. Thanks for the tip :+1:

But as I get more into what magick is, it seems to me to be that you can step back a little from what you believe, do the thing anyway and just let it happen.


I actually have a similar view to this. LOA and subliminals are actual forms of Magick that don’t utilize spirits or rituals. After all to create change via Magick narrows down to emotions, vibrations and energy. I think whatever you use to shape your reality whether spirits or not depends on what you’re comfortable with as a person and that will work best

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agreed. We can convince ourselves until the cows come home, but until we break free of core beliefs and cognitive distortions, we won’t see the results we really want.


No it’s similar though, it is the method that has the most results in shortest period of time, you simply relax before bed the visualize and feel what you want as if it’s done. For Most people it works in a couple days or weeks

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Cool! I hope it works that quickly for you.

Have you found subliminals to be useful? I’ve used them minimally, probably not enough to glean any actual result from them.

They tend to take the longest time to manifest. But yeah they’ve worked for me and what was key is consistency and repetition. I’d use them while during most mundane tasks and also when going to sleep. Personally I like using them mostly for rewiring the subconscious/mental states i.e to change perception, habits, realign myself to my goals.

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