Law of Attraction success

Here’s some of my LoA wishes that came true, hope you enjoy!

I started researching about LoA because I needed to find a way to contact my ex boyfriend who had recently broken things off. I was desperate and needed to get some answers.

One night I decided to try it out. I found subliminals on youtube about your ex contacting you. So I listened to one of them and visualized getting a text from him. I didn’t really have my hopes up but I wanted to try it. 2 minutes into the next subliminak video I shit you not I got like three long messages from him explaining everything to me. I was so shocked and my emotions were all over the place. I was like ”THIS SHIT FUCKING WORKS, OMG”
I continued to listen to the video and I visualized him calling me this time. At the end of that video he called me and said ”I don’t even know why I called”. The same shit goes through my mind, like wtf is this magic or what?
We talked for like four hours about everything.

A couple of days later I visualized him wanting to see me, I listened to subliminals and that day he texts me asking to come over because he needed a hug after a horrible weekend and the same thing happened a week after that.

A few days later was his birthday and I wanted to cook him dinner and just hang out. He said no because he was gonna do other stuff and didn’t have time. The day of his birthday I listened to a subliminal video and a couple of hours later he texts me asking if he could still come because his boss just told him that he was free for the day.

Other times it worked was like a week ago when I thought to myself that I wanted sunbeds or whatever they’re called and the next day my dad buys four of them.

I remember listening to subliminals about beauty and stuff like that and I noticed more guys staring at me.

I know it has worked a few more times but I don’t really remember what they were about.

I do doubt myself With my magic and power but I do know that I have the power to do anything, I just need to learn how to get it.

Even the impossible says that ”I’m possible” (can’t take credit for that because I read it somewhere)


Can you put a link for the first subliminal?


I am so happy for you, thats terrific.

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Can you link that chanel and source ? Amazing results

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infinite waters is making those kind of videos

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Of course!

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Yess I will

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Those things with my ex boyfriend happened last year in november and after that we did se each other and talk almost everyday but he stopped about a month ago and I have no idea what’s happening

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~Ex subliminals~
First video:
Second video:

~Other subliminals I listened to~

Be careful though. There’s some subliminal youtubers who puts bad things in their videos.


I remember something else now. Last year I just thought of wanting more money because I didn’t have any income so I started listening to money subliminals and about a week later I go to the bank to open up my savings because I was finally 18 (my grandma and her sister gives me,my brother and our cousins money every year from when we are born and we get the money when we’re 18. So I got my money and then that day my dad gives me I think around $600


I always used LoA. That helped me to live in a foreign country right now and more thanks to that.

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I think this might not be LoA but instead telepathy?
I was eating and at the other end of the table was (we can call him N) N eating his food. Yesterday I think it was. My brother borrowed my bus card and never gave it back but I did see one on the table which I thought was mine but not sure of it. Today I was looking at it and said to myself ”I should ask if that’s my card or not”. I didn’t for some reason and forgot about it and a few minutes later out of nowhere N says ”just so you know that’s your card”

Hi there, amazing story! You have a wildly powerful mind. I have a (probably dumb) question though. I have not yet run into the term “LoA” would you be able to clarify a little so i can refine my search terms? Thank you!

LOA is short form for Law of Attraction. Essentially, it is manifesting through intention.


Simply put, I always believed in various forms of magick and spirituality, but it wasn’t until seemingly being led to and joining this forum that I got what I’d call “proof”. The most relatable would be having a conversation in my head and suddenly thinking I should check the forum, then hearing “now” checking and finding I’d been promoted one trust level 1 minute ago…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg folks.


Thank you!!

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Oh god it was in the title the whole time. A+ for observation on my part lol