Law of Attraction: Getting What You Want Without Spells

You have probably seen me mention this very briefly a time or two in the past but I wanted to make sure that I had enough personal experience with this and a decent amount of concrete findings before posting this with others because most of you know that I don’t like to post magickal guides on this website until I’m sure that what I’m speaking about is legitimate and true.


Opposite of the law of withdraw/reversed effect/reversed effort, the law of attraction is the practice of NOT using the law of reversed effect to get what you want. Now, how does that work? Well when you do a spell if it’s something you want to get rid of, something that is bothering you or puts you in a negative mood, or even something positive you desire but thinking about it can cause you to have feelings of doubt or negativity, that’s when the law of reverse effort comes into play and when you should forgot about your goal after doing a spell until the spell manifests so your thoughts and feelings do not interfere with the possible outcome.

However, if what you want is something you consider to be 100% positive and thinking about it only makes you feel happiness, joy, contentment, excitement, pleasure, etc. then thinking about what you want non-stop is not going to have any negative or reversed effects on your magick because thinking about it makes you happy enough to cause real feelings of joy to the point you smile or feel at ease over how great it’s going to be when you finally get (fill in the blank).


Those cheesy stupid posters they always have hanging on the walls at schools like “Attitudes are contagious, be nice to your classmates” and so on, those are a good example. Now in America most public schools, when I went to school, they did not believe in being politically correct or respecting all belief systems. Most of the teachers and the principals were christians and they expected everyone to pray during assemblies and thank god for everything good that happened at the school so at my school those posters were probably a reminder of the golden rule “Do unto others…”

But not just with attitudes and behavior, ALL like attracts like. If you act like an ass, the universe will treat you like an ass. If a string of bad events happens to you one day and you dwell on those events like damn it nothing is going right today, this sucks! Your poor attitude is only going to affirm to the universe that yes, this day DOES suck for you but just remember, you’re the one who said it so let’s keep this streak of bad luck going.

By griping and complaining because one or two negative or unpleasant things have happened to you today, your statement of “my life sucks, this couldn’t possibly get any worse!” is an affirmation to the universe that you’ve admitted how you feel but by admitting it you are saying I’m aware of what is happening but obviously I have no control over this and it cannot be changed and the universe will grant you your wish. Think about that past statement I typed in.

“My life sucks” If you say that to yourself you are only reaffirming it so the universe will say Yes, your life DOES suck!

“This couldn’t possibly get any worse!” again another negative affirmation and when stated outloud or in your own mind the universe will say, oh really, you think this can’t get any worse for you? and the universe quickly turns into the serial killer from Saw and says “Do you want to play a game? Because I do.” Then the following series of events that unfolds for you are based off of your negative affirmations. You expected that the rest of your day would go bad, and it did.

People who feel negative or doubtful like this all the time, find that no matter how much magick or rituals they do, and no matter how many mundane ways they try to overcome this downward spiral of negativity it will not go away. Those people convince themselves that the universe hates them, or they have angered a goddess, or the lord is punishing them thru karma for something they did 5 years ago depending on that person’s religious beliefs when the entire time, none of that negativity was even necessary and THEY were the ones punishing themselves all along.


Now if you are not convinced that thoughts have power alone, how many times have you expected a certain outcome to the point you were certain without a doubt that’s what the outcome WILL be? And how many times has the outcome end out exactly like you thought it would? Most of the time right?

For example:
“Why am I even wasting my time entering into the talent competition? I never rank in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, I just get one of those stupid participation ribbons. My family and friends must be lying and telling me my dance moves are good just to avoid hurting my feelings but I’m probably making a fool of myself on stage every year! I wish they’d just be honest with me instead of encouraging me just to be nice.”

Look at that statement. You are affirming that the talent show is a waste of time, that you have no talent, and that your friends and family are lying to you just to boost your self esteem. What most likely will happen is that again, you will not place in an upper ranking and you will go home with no prize because you expected it to be that way. You expected it so much, that you reaffirmed it to yourself by thinking it repeatedly every day leading up to the competition.


You may have already been aware of the concept of like attracting like and you may be thinking, well I try to be positive all the time, I even stop myself EVERY time a negative thought enters my mind and try to convince myself that my negative thoughts have no power over me, but bad things still happen to me on a regular basis and the good things I think about never come true. Is this concept just bullshit? Or am I doing something wrong?

You are doing one of following three things wrong, or possibly even all 3.

This is when you think of something you would like to come true but there is no real emotion behind your thoughts. You cannot just think of something and think oh I want that, I need that, I love that and expect it to happen, especially if you quickly slip into a negative mood again and think “yeah, but that will never happen, it never does!” You have to want it bad enough that you feel real joy and happiness just thinking about it, something that brings out real emotions in you to the point you catch yourself smiling or laughing when you think about it.

You do believe in yourself and your power but your expectations are way too high to start with. You cannot learn the concepts that I am telling you about and expect to win the lottery in the next 2 weeks just by thinking about it. You have to start with small demands on the universe, things that will be successful so you can build a little mound of previous successes which will help to convince you even more that this concept is real.

Start by making a small and simple positive affirmation to yourself every day, or even multiple times a day. “I will find $10 laying the street.” Suspend all doubt and disbelief, feel happiness and joy, how you will feel when you finally look down and see a $10 bill lying on the sidewalk. When your wish finally comes true, practice again by asking for several other SMALL favors from the universe. When enough of your wishes have been granted that you reach the conclusion this is real, it really works, then slowly reach for higher goals.

This will give you a chance to practice and really believe in this by starting small and working your way up. Big goals are not going to manifest if you can’t even get a small goal to manifest. And don’t expect results over night. First time users of this concept may find that it takes several weeks for the first goal to manifest because even though they believe in their powers, they still have some societal programming lingering in the back of their mind from where society, religion, and the government tell us that wishes cannot come true, that we have no control over our own lives, and that our lives are just a series of random events left in the hands of god or chaos.

Just like with sigil magick, when you make an affirmation to yourself use present tense. Instead of I want, I hope, I wish that, use terms like I feel so happy because I got that job that I wanted. Fool your mind into thinking you already have your desires. Fake it until you make it.

This concept is so simple to follow and maintain yet 90% of you will fail at this because you will make one or all of the mistakes that I mentioned above and then convince yourself it’s not your fault that you are failing at it. Some people are just not cut out to do magick in any form because they lack everything that I mentioned above yet they are unable to get that thru their mind.

Some people get so discouraged when stuff like this doesn’t happen over night but instead of disciplining themselves and keeping at it, they let the smallest little interference erase every bit of progress they have made and they are blind to it, always looking for someone else to blame or trying to get someone more advanced to do the work for them and things like this, even the most advanced magician can’t flip a magickal switch in your head and make you believe in things you really don’t believe in 100% or make you see things in a way that you were never meant to see them in, in a way that your mind is incapable of fathoming. I know no one who comes to a forum like this wants to be a sheep, but some people were just meant to be sheep, plain and simple.

Just like it can take several days of constant reaffirmation for a positive thought to manifest, the same holds true for a negative thought. Just because your mind is running wild because you watched too many horror movies yesterday and you imagining someone at your door with a knife, doesn’t mean it will come true unless you continue to think about it non-stop and by non-stop I don’t mean the idea accidentally pops into your head every 3-4 days, I mean you would have to dwell on it several times a day and experience real emotion when dwelling on it. If you acidentally think of getting bitten by a spider 15 times this month, if you immediately distract yourself with something else and try not to dwell on it 24/7, thinking about it won’t cause something bad to happen to you.

But keeping that in mind, negative thoughts CAN come true when excessive emphasis is placed on them. You can also use this concept to make something negative happen to an enemy but earlier I mentioned that it’s best not to think of things that cause negative emotional reactions, at least until you have mastered the positive side of is concept first and feel you can handle the negative side as well. Which is why most people use the law of reversed effect for things that involve negativity. But this concept works for other purposes as well.


Well like I said before, not everyone has what it takes to master this concept. 90% of you ON HERE that try this will fail, and we are magicians, so what makes you think the controlled sheeple population could master this concept so easily? Exactly, LOL. Not everyone is cut out to do this, not everyone is capable of overcoming their programming long enough to convince their brain this stuff really works. Also keep in mind, not everybody wants the same thing. It’s the reason why usually, our supply is enough to meet the demand but not everyone likes green beans (yuck!) or chocolate cake. Well, not everyone sees being rich or beautiful as important. Some people are perfectly happy living on a middle class income, they don’t desire 10 vintage cars and a 24k gold plated carousel in their back yard. So even if everyone in the world believed in this, no two people would desire or value the exact same things.

I can post some of my own experiences later on, I’ve typed too much already and need a break.


I’m not joking when I say I was literally planning on posting a tutorial on the LoA earlier today. I wanted to do it as a sort of thank you (as this is something I have loads of experience with)- to give something back to the forum since its been a while since I’ve posted any helpful advice- and yet I’ve been asking for SO much advice the past week.

Anyway, I started thinking about what I would write- but I was still feeling weird and shaky from a recent experience I’ve had- so decided I would leave it until I was feeling better. Gonna read through your post now and I should have some stuff to add hopefully :slight_smile:

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Great post Raven!

I think the LoA is SO misunderstood- and its such a shame as it is honestly one of the most useful techniques in terms of manifesting what you want.

One way of looking at it is that it’s basically a spell that does not require any physical actions, only visualisation and like you said, EMOTION. Its sort of like a shortcut to getting to the point of ‘knowing’ that feeling of certainty you get after exhausting all emotion during a ritual.

The emotion aspect of it is vital, and I think that is where most people get it wrong. I think most normal people who try to get into the whole LoA thing never really ‘get it’. They read ‘think positive!’ and they think that they can say a few affirmations and thats it. They don’t realise that its not about forcing oneself to ‘think positive’, its about changing the way you feel, often in small steps, until you feel better about the issue- that’s the point at which the magic happens.

I was lucky in that, I discovered this technique ‘accidently’ as a teenager. I have always suffered from quite severe anxiety, and at the time I developed what I believed was a sort of coping mechanism- to help me deal with all the problems I was constantly coming across, all the constant worries that I was always having to deal with. I realised that, when something was bugging me, I could trick my mind into releasing the anxiety by telling myself that I would think about it later, deal with it when I was feeling up to it. As soon as I told myself this- I would feel intense relief- because I 'was going to deal with it- but didn’t have to deal with it for the time being- sort of like filing the worry away till later. At the time I had just read the book Gone With The Wind, and the character Scarlet O’Hara- she had this little mantra that she would repeat to herself ‘Oh- I’ll deal with that when i can face it’, and i adopted that during those anxious times.

Also, when I was unhappy about a situation in my life, I found that by thinking about events unfolding according to my will- up until the point where it actually felt real, always lead to that same feeling of relief. At the time I believed this was a purely psychological coping mechanism- but then I started to realise something interesting: As soon as I reached that point of relief, the problem always seemed to disappear, or the situation which I desired would invariably manifest.

A few months later I picked up a book which included a chapter on the LoA, and I was like -omg- THIS IS WHAT I DO!! After that I started using it consciously, and it has hardy ever failed me.

Will probs add some more examples later, but yeah- a really good post on a very-misunderstood subject! :slight_smile:

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Excellent post RavensAscent. There is a lot for me to chew on and think about in it.

Even I still struggle on occasion to get this just right, so you have to really work at it to make it work for you. Sometimes mundane human life gets in the way and I do find myself thinking well this or that has never happened before and until I get that out of my head I stay right where I’m at. Other times, my negative thoughts even if I meant well, can end up coming true. Not my negative thoughts that I have on occasion like fears that pop in my head but thinking of someone angering me causes something bad to happen to that person.

Like every day this week my little girl kept coming home from school and bending over my chair and breathing right in my face and, meaning well, I said honey please don’t breathe in people’s faces like that after coming home from school until you’ve been cleaned up, you know kids have germs and your classmates are always getting sick this time of year. That’s a good way to get the entire house sick. My mom thought I was just making a big deal over nothing but I kept repeating that to her every day this week because I also just really don’t like people getting that close to my face, and today she was sent home from school for vomiting and now my dad is feeling sick too. So I may have accidentally caused that.

That happens quite a lot when I don’t mean for it too, stuff like that but it happens so often I don’t think it’s a coincidence because when I get too focused on a possible future scenario, it happens, but only when I’m dead set on my belief in that scenario really happening.

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I liken the whole thing to the LOA is like taking a handfull of darts and chucking them blindly at a target and magick is developing the proper marksman’s skills needed to hit the center of the bulls eye with one dart.


Well you can also tune your aura with precision programming to where you were utilizing LoA. But I think most people dont realize that their LoA is affected what they have on the inside is influencing their aura. My experience with LoA crowd is that the ones I met seem to think that just simply believing and wishing that that will help out greatly. I have seen one do simple rituals like Posting pictures of desires on a Board. But this is more along the lines of just simple mind magkck tricks. True great magick is extremely high energy and hence will by its own force be very Psychokinetic in Nature.

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Well the bulletin board thing does help for some people. Or even taking a notebook, journal, or sketchbook and glueing magazine pictures to the pages insides of what you want and then writing out a simple affirmation like “This red mustang car is MINE!” It seems overly simple but that is a form of prepratory immersion in itself, realizing what you want to the point you go out of your way and find pictorial representations from magazines and make miniature shrines of those images in a journal. And they say that writing down your affirmations can be a powerful tool as well.

I did that a few times when I was a child, unaware that what I was doing was a form of magick but every time oddly enough, I got what I wanted.

RavensAscent- If I may play the devil’s advocate a moment regarding your last comment. One might argue that by making the object your priority and focus, all that is doing is helping you put the maximum amount of mundane effort into the matter (and therefore making the outcome almost a “given”?)

That would be true if the person takes mundane actions to assist them with their desires then yes, the person would just be motivating themself to complete their goals on their own but when the person simply thinks about what they want and doesn’t do anything mundane that would normally cause the goal to manifest and the desire comes true anyway, then it’s not just an act of doing it yourself.

Like if someone wants money and they go out and apply for jobs, eventually they will get a job and they can use magick to help them get the job they actually want at a salary they think is fair. That is taking mundane action. But if the person wants money, doesn’t fill out any applications or go job hunting, doesn’t ask friends to pay them for favors or handcraft work, and all of a sudden they get an invitation in the mail to be paid $1,000 to take some new pills for medical research, a research study that they never signed up for or even knew about, that is not using mundane means to acquire the goal because the person did not actively seek the source from which the money came.

Jboy, don’t take this the wrong way but sometimes I wonder why you come to this forum. You have been a member now for at least a good handful of months and no matter what anyone tells you, no matter how hard we try to help you see and tell you what you need to do to make magick work you always have some alternative reason of why something worked or why it didn’t work. That’s no different than an atheist who doesn’t believe in anything at all because you ask questions as if you’re trying understand how magick works but you always doubt what you read and what we tell you.

Magick doesn’t work for those who don’t believe in it. It’s not something where you can ask for proof because you would feel stupid doing rituals or feel like you are praying to yourself, and then when you get that proof and see that it’s real then you can go ahead and take advantage of it. No, it’s the opposite. You have to believe in it without a doubt (or with very little doubt) for it to work and that’s hard for most people.

Not only that, but people who are new to magick that have always felt like it was real but still have some slight doubts because they were raised in a religious household, those people come to forums like this to seek answers and get encouragement from other people who have been where they are now but when they come here and see people being skeptical it can be discouraging to those people because it’s what they expect to hear from everyone else in their life but to see people here with the same lack of belief it causes people who would’ve been good magicians, people who do have good potential, to give up on their quest and go back to normal living.

My ex was a hardcore atheist and he never was able to convince me to change my beliefs which is why we fought a lot. I watched him convert hardcore christians, muslims, and even magicians over to his atheistic views and he was real good at it, very manipulative. He hated that he couldn’t changed my mind and he never stopped me from doing my magick but I had to work around his schedule. Couldn’t do any magick when he was home because who could work with that kind of attitude around you? Even then, he would still come home and go into my altar room and pick up my tools and make smart ass comments about their purpose and say hey look, I’m touching your tools with a negative attitude. I finally had to leave him and honestly, my magick never went anywhere until after I left him and had his negative attitude out of my life and was finally able to focus on my magick without ridicule. I always had to wait until he wasn’t home so he wouldn’t bother me so I never got anything done.

Some people are not cut out for this and they realize it quickly, others are just unsure and need a little push to get them headed in the right direction and others just won’t give up even when they know deep down inside that they don’t really believe in this stuff but for some reason they keep looking for ways to convince themselves. If someone has been exploring this stuff for several months or even years looking for that one special piece of information that’s going to finally convince them that magick is real those people are wasting their time because if by then they still haven’t been convinced, they never will be.

I know people who have spent years waiting for magick to fall out of the sky and suddenly have all of their desires come true just by talking about magick or engaging with others who beleive in it but the truth is, no one can get magickal results unless they believe in magick and actively practice it to get what they want. Sort of like how skeptics try to prove magick as fake and then they think they are right because the magick never works for them, but it never works because they don’t believe in it, they don’t believe it will work so of course it’s not going to. I find it laughable when skeptics report back and say ha, see it didn’t work! Like seriously, what does that prove to me? It only proves that THEY don’t believe in it. It doesn’t make me want to change my mind at all about what I think or how I feel.

So my point is, instead of spending months on end trying to convince yourself of something you may not truly don’t believe in deep down inside, why not spend your time doing something more productive to get the things you want? I think you are exploring magick because you are hoping to finally figure out the big secret to manifesting your goals and dreams the easy way well, even magick isn’t easy and magicians have to work at their goals too. You can’t say, oh I will finally believe in magick if everything I want suddenly lands in my lap with no work or effort on my part but until then, I will remain skeptical. It’s a waste of your own time and a waste of time to those around you who are genuinely trying to help by giving advise that is never taken. It’s distracting to other individuals who truly want to learn.

RavensAscent-I have made good progress in my belief in magick. I have had tiny successes I think. I trust that they will get bigger as time goes on. But yes, sometimes doubt creeps back in. In my comment above, though, I was not trying to criticize or be a troll in any way. I value everybody on here. I just know that the “supposed” Santeria witch that I got burned for a lot of money for a few years ago, was (in retrospect) trying to get me to believe that her “magick” was true by just giving me practical, common sense advice to follow. I am still angry and cynical over that.

…but I will be more careful in the future. I don’t want to hurt new people’s journey. Thanks for the correction. I want to remain in good standing with you all.

Yeah, it’s nothing against you personally jboy. Just as you have doubts because you’ve been unfortunate enough to come across those who are using magick in a wrongful way to profit from others, other people have doubts because of prior religious exposure and such. I know that for some people, it can be really hard to resist people like my ex who are preaching their ways to the world, especially when those preaching are religious and are close family and friends, one can easily feel outnumbered and feel forced to give in.

So again, that wasn’t a personal attack on you, I speak to people every day who are riddled with doubt and want to succeed but just can’t shake those feelings so I know how easy it is to derail someone from their progress simply reading comments about doubt. I think most of us here have been faced with situations like that, and even when we believe 100% when enough people around us are speaking negatively about something, it can get us thinking or at least make us feel negative about something we would otherwise view in a positive way.

Like with my ex, he never changed my mind about magick but his attitude frequently put me in a depressed mood and I was literally unable to focus on my magick even when he was gone, and every time I made progress he was there to tell me it was all just a coincidence or delusion. Not comparing you to my ex because you are nothing like him at all, just saying that some people can be derailed very easily, ALL of us can if we’re not careful. So no harm meant! And congrats on your small successes, keep it up!

I can attest to the Law of Attraction working, especially when used in tangent with Western Hermeticism. However, and I should emphasize, that the law of attraction can take TIME.
I did not really begin practicing until last summer when I was able to move out of my parent’s house. After that I began to start with simple things to change my mindset to manifest my reality in my mind in the reality I observe; at the very least to psychologically train myself to think differently.
I began by dressing nicer, keeping a journal and writing affirmations everyday, and always being positive. Sounds stupid, I know, and in a sense it does. A lot of what we do in magick comes off as sily and insane to most others so I have come to suspend judgement until I attempt things.

To say the least, my life improved drastically within a month as well as my pathworking. Sadly, I had a dive back into the slump I was in and it was quite bad. I became depressed, I felt that black magick was driving me insane (I think it did to a degree) and my workings became very negative and violent. However, by that time I had formed enough new habits and changed myself and reality in ways that allowed me to prosper and move forward.

After I got out of the slump naturally some sigil work and past affirmations in tangent with the law of attraction brought to me my now best friend who is interested in magick as well along with new insights into life and who I am. I have been able to banish negative people from my life, improve my skills and desires, and even did a simple water spell that brought me $2,880!

I simplified a lot and did not go into nearly all of the detail of what has happened with me in regards to the Law of Attraction and magick, but my point here is that it has worked for me and it has worked for others. Even if it turns out to just be us rewiring our brains through neuropsychological processes and things more in the realm of hard science I have seen it work and I can attest to it. Hell, there is a multi-million dollar company all around this run by Bob Proctor. The Law of Attraction has almost become mainstream it seems.

A warning from my experiences, however. This is something you will have to keep doing. Perhaps not as intensely as you move along, but you need to stay consistent. Every time I have “fallen off the wagon” in regard to the Law of Attraction (and in tangent with other magickal workings) I fell. Hard. And it has hurt each and every time.

Best of luck to all of you.

Exactly right werewolf, you do have to keep at it and it does take time for things to manifest. I mentioned earlier that I sometimes have trouble with this since it can take a few months of thinking a certain way before anything changes, if I have something to deal with like a person or thing that causes emotional conflict (especially anger and feelings of betrayal) those can interfere with my progress. Many people have problems with this as well.

So it can be hard for some people to get ahead with this concept if they have many things in their life that cause constant feelings of negativity. You have to figure out a way to push past at least a small amount of barriers and deal with those barriers in a positive way for a few months before any changes can be noticed and before other things can start becoming positive, which so many people have one hell of a time with, especially for people who have had a really bad or unlucky life, breaking that cycle is hard as hell.

But I’ve been there and broken that cycle twice before and realized that when I started thinking positive everything was more pleasant, when I let too many things effect me negatively the unpleasant events creep back in. So these days I make a special effort to avoid people who cause any negative emotions in me what so ever so they have no chance to derail my progress. I literally dropped all of my friends who are constantly fighting, and acting like idiots, or doing drugs 24/7 and a few of my family members are negative but it’s not so easy to just drop your family!

Like if you have someone in your life that causes negative feelings non-stop but this person is almost impossible to stay away from, like a sister that lives with you, then getting some outside help is best. Finding a friend or someone on facebook, or even someone like E.A. that can do magick but has no emotional attachment to the person to help you get rid of them so you can take your focus off of that person for good.

Like several years back when I was younger, I had a spirit following me around. It followed me home when I decided to be an idiot and go exploring one of the haunted places I saw on Tv that Halloween. Some of my wiccan friends contacted me and said I can sense that you have something in your home that shouldn’t be there, you need to cleanse your house and stay away from any negative magick or spells that attract wealth and things into your life that you’re not meant to have right now because this thing feeds on negative magick and spells for personal gain.

Well I had done plenty of personal gain spells before so I was like, psshht, I’m gonna keep doing what I want to do. Well of course, all that negative energy and greed magick I was doing was fueling this thing. It grew more powerful until I was literally unable to stop it and cleansing did nothing at all. Then I started messing around with a black mirror without properly educating myself because all of my friends that did magick were wiccan and wouldn’t dare mess with a black mirror so no one would teach me, so to educate myself I had to just wing it and go by what I read online so I must’ve done something wrong and ended up having 2 negative spirits in the house.

Nothing I did worked because the spirits were always there tormenting me and my friends so it was hard to ignore them, but until I started forcing myself to ignore them even if it meant getting out of the house for the evening and going to see a movie or something they did not go away. The more I ignored them, the less powerful they became over me. I finally went to a local store and bought some Native American wall hangings with my totem animals on them and cleansed them, charged them, and did another sage cleansing of the house.

I forced myself to believe that these Native American objects had power and positive energy and served as a link to my ancestors who would protect and guide me. It took me several months but finally it paid off, the spirits vanished. Every time someone would say, hey you notice it’s been 4 months since the last batch of paranormal activity in here? The other person would remind them, yes but let’s not talk about it, remember it gives them attention and can bring them back to us.

So that was an example of using the L.O.A. to get rid of something that was VERY hard to expell from my life and it did take several months but eventually they just vanished one day because I was able to control and divert my thoughts away from them. So in some instances, changing your thought pattern is not so easy.

In the last week I have seen good progress in using this at work. I’m noticing change.

Good! Keep up this positive attitude, and distract yourself anytime doubt or negativity starts to creep back in. It may take you several weeks but if you keep at this, you will eventually master this technique.

It takes extreme dedication to effectively practice the L.O.A. and you seem to have that drive to want to succeed, at least from what I can tell by your previous posts, you don’t seem to give up easily if you really want answers or solutions to something. So that’s good, keep using that drive to succeed that you have, and you will eventually get there.

Thanks RavensAscent. I will definitely keep at it. The tiny results are enough to give help my belief. Meditation is also helping me. It helps me see things. And it reduces my anger.

[quote=“RavensAscent, post:15, topic:7128”]So it can be hard for some people to get ahead with this concept if they have many things in their life that cause constant feelings of negativity. You have to figure out a way to push past at least a small amount of barriers and deal with those barriers in a positive way for a few months before any changes can be noticed and before other things can start becoming positive, which so many people have one hell of a time with, especially for people who have had a really bad or unlucky life, breaking that cycle is hard as hell.

But I’ve been there and broken that cycle twice before and realized that when I started thinking positive everything was more pleasant, when I let too many things effect me negatively the unpleasant events creep back in. So these days I make a special effort to avoid people who cause any negative emotions in me what so ever so they have no chance to derail my progress. I literally dropped all of my friends who are constantly fighting, and acting like idiots, or doing drugs 24/7 and a few of my family members are negative but it’s not so easy to just drop your family![/quote]

This is more true than anything else. We can even step away from magick and look at this from a neurological and psychological standpoint and find grounding in this just in the chemical processes in our brains (GABA, Glutamate, Serotonin etc.). We have a lot of control and influence what goes on in our brains even without implimenting magick and this is a big reason why ANYONE can employ the law of attraction.

The month thing is what stuck out the most and that hit the bullet on the head so much, but to anyone reading this realize that this can be an EXTREMELY difficult threshold to cross (especially if you are a depressed individual). To do this you have to immerse yourself entirely in what you are trying to attract. What I did was that I began to wear the nicest clothes that I could everyday. I began to take vitamins every morning and night, ate only healthy foods, drank only water, and FORCED myself to be nice and outgoing to EVERYONE that I saw no matter what. I kept (and still keep) an “affirmation journal” where I wrtie down things about myself that I wish to have but in the present tense. I would also repeat these things aloud every night as well as in my mind throughout the day. I did this until I honestly began to believe it 100%. I also did this along with my beginnings in magick and the most amazing coincidences began to pop up in my life. I look back on it just a few months ago and it still amazes me how much I was able to do just through the law of attraction alone.

I’m normally a depressed person. But putting forth positive, verbal affirmations is helping. And laying off the booze helps a ton.