Law of Attraction: for women, etc

Example of the Law of Attraction for Women:


(she raises her arms smiling) “I have breasts! Give me Free Things!”

Fyi…dont underestimate the power of this blackmagick spell!

[quote=“Biosynth, post:1, topic:7131”]Example of the Law of Attraction for Women:


(she raises her arms smiling) “I have breasts! Give me Free Things!”

Fyi…dont underestimate the power of this blackmagick spell![/quote]

You mean to tell me that men don’t go absolutely wild over enlarged male breasts too? OMG, I thought all boobies were special.

Fat Man: How’s it goin bud?

Skinny Man: Good. So uh, why don’t you let me squeeze your luscious man boobs and order you a dozen red long stem roses. You got a purdy mouth too boy!

But seriously, this has nothing to do with using physical appearance to get what you want. This is the law of thought attraction not the law of physical attraction.

Actually it is the Law of Thought Attraction. You infect them with your appearance and interaction, and them their thoughts are drawn in and they begin doing a little of the Heavy Lifting with their own thoughts. =) so tailoring your appearance does matter when You finally begin to interact on the physical level, because it greatly empowers your LoA if its more complicated. But thats not to say you cannot donthings with thoughts alone.

I don’t want people to read comments about physical appearances and get confused. I’m sure that most women are aware that they can flaunt themselves to the right men and get whatever they want handed to them, many women do use that technique to get free stuff but that is not the intent of this thread. So please stay on topic.

By the way, I don’t go around flopping my tits out to get free goodies. I have never done anything like that. In fact, in high school, that’s the reason why most of the boys didn’t like me and called me a lesbian, because I was one of the only few girls in my school that wasn’t willing to do that. So you shouldn’t make such broad generalizations unless you want me to point out how most men only think with their penises? I mean, after all, the first male that posted to this topic automatically started thinking about the female anatomy. See my point?

Haha. I do think with my Penis…but also my Big brain. I call it Synergy…

I get what your saying. But that wasnt my intent.

I’ve split this, whatever you were talking about there Biosynth it had nothing to do with the opening posts and to be honest seems a bit like a derailment, even if it’s meant in humour.

The LoA can of course be practiced by men and women, regardless of looks (Wallace T. Wattles wasn’t most people’s idea of a heart-throb), age, or whatever the hell else.

What Biosynth described is a form of what Anton La Vey called “lesser magick” , non ritual, manipulative magick that one can use to improve one’s life. I actually don’t use the sexual variety of lesser magick as much as I used to. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky and bored with the whole hetero male preoccupation with the female body. I am a bisexual woman and I think soft skin and sensuous curves are indeed lovely, but I don’t have the same drive as a hetero male to get my grubby paws on them.
Yes, it is a potent weapon, which I will use if it comes to the crunch, if I am in trouble and need a man’s assistance or leniency, or if I come upon one of those rare and wonderful male creatures, whom I would like to get naughty with. La Vey’s book, “The Satanic Witch” describes some effective techniques, which he called “The Law Of The Forbidden”. If I walk down the street in a skimpy bikini, I am not going to incite half as much lust, as if I wear a full length sarong, which is suddenly blown up in the air by a gust of wind, exposing the skimpy bikini. If I am clever, I hastily grab the sarong and cover up. Ogling men believe they have seen something they were not meant to see, which is so much more exciting than the girl who parades around in skimpy attire, giving everyone a show. La Vey believed that at heart, hetero men are just nasty little boys, who walked underneath the treehouse at school, just to see up the girls’ skirts. I am inclined to agree with him.

I have to agree with you Lilith, the female body is beautiful, curvy, and sometimes it’s hard for either gender to resist but I don’t see the female body as a weapon to be used against men. And women who do that because they know they can, are only contributing to the general consensus that that’s what women are supposed to do while the other half of decent and loyal men see that kind of behavior as repulsive and end up turning gay because they are convinced that all women are conniving dogs.

I just think we are far enough in the future not to place expectations on people like that. Growing up, you don’t know how many boys at my school expected girls to behave like that because they thought it was normal from what they saw on tv or what their dads told them (since some dads like to encourage boys to engage in sexual behaviors, that’s my boy Git R Done!) so any girl who refused to behave like that they automatically assumed they must be gay or a religious nun in training. And if those girls felt compelled to prove they weren’t gay by dating a boy, if they didn’t give into those expectations in just a week or two the boys would threaten to break up with them and spread nasty rumors about them.

Then the girls would feel like they had to do that stuff to keep a boyfriend. And you know how high school students can be, they are intolerant of differences and make fun of homosexuals, especially in the redneck town where I went to school so most of the girls there were afraid of being labeled gay which is probably why we had over a dozen pregnant 14-17 year old girls in our school. Me, I just dealt with it and stuck to my little group of goth friends who were accepting of everyone. And I’m bisexual too so when the rumors started about me at school, I just embraced it and intentionally tried to piss everyone off. Me and one of my female friends stood in the hall one time and said hey look, we’re gay! Then we kissed on the lips in front of everyone and she said “Yeah, and I like to munch on carpet!” LOL

One thing I like about La Vey’s book is the emphasis on subtlety and class. Behaving like one of the “before” girls on an episode of “Ladette To Lady” is going to get you laid and left, nothing much more. I’m not saying every hetero man is out for what he can get, with no regard for the woman as a human being, but there’s a lot of it about. I see nothing wrong with “playing” someone who thinks he is playing you. I have had times in my life, where a smile has kept me safe, no need to part my legs. I knew what these men wanted and that they were pretending to care for my predicament because of it.