Law of attraction for a specific person

What are the best methods to visualize and manifest a specific person? I need details.

Try this:

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This video will probably lead to more questions, so have fun binge watching these videos and binge reading the books. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can probably write a more complete post on this when I’m back at my computer instead of my phone but:

First, read Neville Goddard’s books (all free online, they’re public domain) for background info on manifestation

Second, semantics, but I prefer to call it Law of Assumption, because the law states that if you assume something, and persist in your assumption, it will harden into fact. You don’t need love-and-light, raise-your-vibration type stuff.

Third, techniques do not manifest; your dominant thoughts manifest. Your dominant thoughts and inner mental conversations become imprinted in your subconscious, which then manifests them into your life. Techniques are used to get you in the state of the wish fulfilled, i.e. to help you in focusing on and persisting in your assumption. Also they make you feel good, which is nice.

My personal favourite techniques are affirmations (repeating a statement on repeat constantly – and I mean constantly) and SATS (State Akin To Sleep) also known as self-hypnosis, which is when you go into a drowsy or hypnagogic state and repeatedly visualise your intended outcome from the end, as though your desire is normal and natural (e.g. if you want to be married, visualise your first wedding anniversary, not the moment you propose/are proposed to).

Use SATS right before, or as, you drift off to sleep. It’s a good way to imprint on your subconscious and not have your conscious mind interfere for 8 hours or however long you’re asleep for.

Use affirmations CONSTANTLY, and PERSIST in them over days or weeks even if it seems like nothing is happening. Things can change in a heartbeat.

IGNORE anything in the 3D World that doesn’t align with your intended outcome. Keep affirming and assuming that what you want is already yours.

For affirmations, I personally find they are most effective when they (1) sound natural, like something you would say aloud to your best friend/family member, and (2) focus on yourself and not the other person, (3) imply action and not just feeling/thinking. E.g. “I am always going on dates with X” instead of “X wants to ask me on a date”.

Also check out the /r/nevillegoddard and /r/nevillegoddardsp subreddits.