Law of attraction and lady eva

Can someone please send me a link to lady Eva law of attraction posts. I tryed search bar and can’t find it.

If you are talking about step by step how-to’s, as far as I have seen, she doesn’t have any specific “law of attraction” posts. She has mainly posted in other people’s threads about her use of the principles.

However, the easiest thing to do is to evoke her via her sigil of @Lady_Eva and ask.


Thank you @DarkestKnight. Your always so helpful and a great guide

My advice is find a PDF of The Science Of Getting Rich, that’s out of copyright and has the best step-by-step guide, then use the same methods for other areas as well like love.

That book and learning that method changed my life. :+1:

But you must remain focused and not let attention wander, I have to refresh my own knowledge and I have been using this for many years! :smiley:


@Lady_Eva thank you so much for getting in touch. I’ll do that :+1:

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The 17 laws of success is good too, it’s the book they took off shelves and put out think nd grow rich which is the watered down version


Almost all the good stuff is out of copyright and readily available, that’s another thing that makes this all so cool.

If you’ve ever felt regrets, shame, or inadequate, The Science Of Being Great is also worth reading.