Law of ASSUMPTION instead of LOA (journal)

This is a journal containing information that I learn while using Law of Assumption and any other downloads that I will receive (I will update as I learn more.)
I assume that you all are familiar with LOA.
I have incorporated LOA in many of my practices, and although I sometimes received my desired outcomes, it would take lots of time and put me in states of need, lack, worry, etc. Changing my vibration ultimately led to nothing.

I recently made the switch to Law of Assumption, and “quit” the Law of Attraction, changing my life in better ways.

I’ve seen many posts on this forum speaking about Neville’s methods. A mixture of Neville Goddard’s techniques and Law of Assumption rather than LOA has led me to many desired outcomes and situations, faster and more desirable than LOA has ever given me.

Law of Assumption, Neville Goddard’s methods, and a YouTuber, Sammy Ingram have taught me a lot, including;

JUNE 25, 2021

-Do not REACT to your 3D reality until you get what you want. Your 3D reality is a “test.” Keep affirming until your 3D reality changes.
-Everything starts as energy until it materializes. Holograms turn into manifestations. The projector is your mind.

-you do not need to WAIT. You are manifesting a time gap by “waiting.” Act like you already HAVE IT and it will come naturally. Yes, there certainly is “divine timing,” but you do not need to wait longer than you should to receive your manifestation!

-NO ONE has free will unless you GIVE them free will. If you want to manifest a person, act like you are already with them. Create your relationship. Act like they’re obsessed with you.

-You will only receive once you are ready. You have to bring your outcome TO you. If you feel like you don’t deserve it, you push it away. Let it come. Notice the pattern?
-If you feel unworthy, in any way at all, switch your thoughts around, but do not resist them. Resistance ultimately leads to a longer period of wait time. OBSERVE your thoughts, accept them, then program a new one in, switch out your thoughts.

-Observe at your thoughts and program your mind as if you are putting commands into a computer.
-Negative commands, and undecided thoughts can lead to viruses. Once your thoughts are decided, send them to Source, and keep sending them.

-Affirmations need to be repeated as they make up your mindset. The thoughts you are thinking now are AFFIRMATIONS!! Change them. You have affirmed whatever you are or whatever you have already into existence, so give yourself a chance and create a new thought pattern. Speak as if.

-You are living in your old story/ previous manifestations. To create a new one, your thought process needs to change and you have to maintain it like you do with your thoughts now.

Example: Say you want to change your appearance Celebrities and models know that they are attractive and use it to their advantage. They affirm that they are “hot.” “I am hot.” If they repeated “I am ugly,” they wouldn’t be where they are now.
-Yes, some of them had plastic surgery, but they took a faster route. They manifested that they are attractive and got everything they needed to be so.
-Observe how they maintain themselves. Take care of yourself just as they do. Act as if. Feel as if. Be as confident as they are or more.

-You do not always need to be positive when manifesting. Many manifestations can come from negative feelings, just as they did in the past.

-Everything is possible. This is YOUR reality. Reality is subjective and varies on your perspective. Change your viewpoint, change your life.

-I would definitely research deeper into States of Feeling- and Tones of Reality by Neville Goddard as well.

-Nothing in this world matters. We live on a floating rock alongside aliens, magicians, questionable creatures, etc. Let yourself have what you want. If someone else can have it, you can as well. Have fun.

-It will only come into your life if you can truly ACCEPT it.
-Don’t self sabotage when you get it. Keep it and maintain your mindset.

-Take notes from the way you manifest certain things such as food, family, shelter. Some people assume that they are always going to have it so they do. Some people assume that can’t get that or aren’t worthy of it so that’s what happens, (I don’t want to offend anybody, I hope everybody gets what they need <3.)
You manifest these things and bad situations almost effortlessly. Change that.

-The Universe will rearrange itself to give you what you’re sending it. The Uni works fast and works for you, not against you.

-Keep repeating your affirmations until you see results.
-Visualize. Visualize a scene and repeat it. Act like it’s a memory until it becomes when babe

-As Above, So Below, What’s Within, Is Without

Good luck, sending positive vibes & love. Use this to your advantage :heart::nazar_amulet:
If anyone feels the need to add anything else, you are welcome to.


Great post. i think use communication with spirtis adds a very strong feeling of confidence in the manifestation itself so in that way we can assure real results. Imagination is the beginning of all things as the kybalion says everything comes from the mind basically.

From my own short experience the THETA GAMA SYNC STATE allows us to get into a high vibrational state (sharp lazer focus) so when you vizualise what you disire its basically a natural way of ask to the universe or in better words like a cheat code.
I could be wrong but this is what i believe and it makes me feel safe about my beliefs.


for sure. Do anything possible to make you believe in your own power
yes! I’ve researched Theta Brainwaves. You get what you give every single time. Visualization really is the key to everything

I looked into 369 and E=mc2 afterwards (which are interchangeable.) If this gives any extra insight, it helped a lot when I was studying brainwaves.

Energy*Speed of Light= Mass, but acting like you have said Mass= turns into Energy * Speed it comes
E=MC2, MC2=E, ME=C2
M= mass, C= speed of light, E= Energy

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Goddard’s probably the best teacher of the fundamental truth (and only that) around.