Lavita:The Angel of Broken Hearts + A Very Useful Exercise

I’ve shared this entity before, and I’ve decided to post it here, to see if anyone gets anything out of her.

She is the angel of broken hearts. First of all, she is not JUST capable of helping you get over someone. And she doesn’t work by making your crushes or romantic feelings, or insane desires or your fluffbunnies and butterflies disappear. Nor is she there to take the person you’re infatuated with off the pedestal.

She’s there to make you see your own worth, and your own power, and that if this person doesn’t want you then it’s their loss because you are amazing and unique. She is the watery entity that drives all feelings of loss, and pain and ‘‘if she doesn’t love me, then I must be unlovable’’ type of feeling most have experienced.

But she usually does more than just heartbreaks. Disappointments, Anticipointments(in ANYTHING, yes EVEN movies that you thought would be better), broken relationships, she will do the same in each of them. Show you you’re worth more than just what others think of you, and simply outgrow your heartbreaks, whatever they may be.

She works like that, in making you feel better in spite of anything bad that happens. In making you grow past it, and that is IMO the biggest part of it, and actually taking any action to it. Extreme self-love, redirecting where you are shoving your intense love, and showing your own personal value.

Lavita is the Angel of Broken of Hearts.

Her home resembles an ancient Chinese temple. It has several curtains and is mostly structured from bamboo. It is golden, for the most part, and has that evanescent and pretty hue that seems to make the entire temple vibrate. Lavita’s name can also be spelled as Lavida.

Her sacred day is Tuesday, and her incense is lavender. Lavita’s animal is the dove, and when met, she first appears as a dove, white, gold and pink. When commanded to assume a more humanoid shape, the dove grows, and becomes more woman like, hands sproud out until she is an angel, with feathery wings and a dove head.

Lavita looks deep into the Anahata chakra, and mends the suffering. She does not discourage the feelings of love, or hate, but she simply removes that feeling of dread. Her skills are not limited to romance, she is also capable of freeing other ailments of the heart, including a child that feels neglected, a parent who cannot bring themselves to care for their child, and any other person who feels dread as a consequence of love or hate.

She does not diminish passion, romance, hate, disdain, disgust, or any other emotions, put simply cleanses the emotion and brings peace to the mind, even if temporary. She gives this peace by hugging the person, and wrapping her wings around them. When this is happening, she absorbs them, and gives to them her light.

For a moment, the person you love/hate is brought to mind and surrounded by this peaceful glow in their aura too. You two are linked and for a moment everything is sunshine, giggles and rainbows. If permitted to dwell in your Anahata for a brief period, she may cleanse more thoroughly.

Her element is air, but the archangel she corresponds to most, is Michael. Nevertheless, she is very much a free-roaming entity and doesn’t attach herself to any particular entity, but rather simply looks at those who’s heart feels pain and goes out to heal them.

Now as for how I met this entity, it was by going to the World Tree, and climbing up its roots. Once at the crossroads, I beseeched Hecate to send me to an entity in charge of mending broken hearts and she did. Simple.

The method is for finding generally an entity who does something and can probably be applied to just about anything. SOmetimes these spirits like to remain private for fear of misuse, others are just begging to have their names preached because most people assume that just because they’re not in grimoires that they’re not useful.

  1. Begin by engaging a light trance. It is advised to have shamanic drum circles for the first few times you do this, on youtube or something. If you can find with 4. 5 Hertz frequency of drumming then this is ideal. Otherwise just any old drum circle will do. Breathe deeply, and use whatevrer method you’re used to to enter a TGS.

  2. Visualize yourself going to the very axis mundi of the universe, and simple go there. Before yourself visualize a tree. This may be a tree from your childhood, one you’re sentimentally attached to, or some grandiose fancy tree, and whatnot. But remember, it’s a tree. The surrounding may look like the place where that tree is IRL, or it may look like empty space.

  3. Go to the tree, and grab a branch. Notice how real it is, as you keep structuring the tree.

  4. Begin to climb the tree.

  5. At that point, you will see the center, from where all branches start. Go there.

  6. Here, you will see a massive crossroads, leading to an infinite number of directions all coming from this same spot. You will also see a spirit of the crossroads there.

Sometimes this spirit will be a well-known entity you’re aligned with, or a spirit from a system you’re in. A Houngan might see Papa Legba or in more extreme cases Met Kalfu. A Wiccan would see The Triple Goddess(as I call her Hecate). A yogi might see Ganesha. A devotee of Holy Death might see Santa Muerte. A kid might see their parent, or grandparent, or that character on TV who pops during commercials. Or you may see a spirit of the dead, or some random old guy, or any other spirit.

You will meet the spirit, and ask that they show you the way to an entity who will do this, this and this.

  1. When the spirit points you in a direction, keep your eyes on that one portal or road and go there. You will probably get to where you want to go.

This method also works for going to entities without evoking them. Like ‘‘take me to the angel Samael’’ and ‘‘take me to the god Hephaestus’’ and going to various astral realms like ‘‘Take me to the Fifth Kingdom of Flame’’ and ‘‘Take me to Candyland(which is as real a place as you make it with some disastrously powerful lollypops to wield)’’.

Have fun, and report your results.


Huh, I wondered why Ganesh kept showing up at my “waystation”, as I call it. Never occurred to me to ask him for directions, I’m not a yogi anyway, cool though. :smile:

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i really needed thus,my heart chakra,i believe,its a real fuck up.i cannot feel happy LITERALY hwen a good thing happens i only smile and literally feel nothing,always i feel empty and pain on heart chakra.i hope this will help me!

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Necrobump for the sad & weary people. :heart_decoration:

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Find to someone to love

This is what it looks like to me. Oh my god. I didn’t know. Holy shit. It’s like an infinite path of branches.

I thought it was supposed to look like marble structures or whatever so I was confused