Laughing buddha for left hand path?

I woke up this morning and I saw a laughing buddha. It was looking at me smiling but wasn’t taking and observing me.

I’m on the left hand path dealing with demons , and higher ranking demons .

Why would a laughing buddha make contact with me ?

It never answered the question by the way.

Any ideas ?


I was warned in Daoist initiation, “The buddhas will never come to you. Dont believe it.”

So i would find out who it really is. Always ask for a sigil.
Im not an expert on Daoism by any means, that initiation was a thing i kinda went with.


Thanks for that advice.

This is what I got as a Sigil,

The laughing buddha looks like it’s made of gold in appearance.

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Laughing Buddha is a thing. There’s also Budai, who’s more of a saint or famous monk.

I’d call that a good vision. I suddenly want plum wine. Budai looks like he’s into plum wine.


Well buddhism is a life phylosophy right? Did anyone say it threaten the demonologysts and demonolatrers? Never heard of such thing.

The sigil looks like Neptune sigil with the sigil for fire . Does that make sence?

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There is an expression, “if you meet a Buddha on the road, kill him.” I think that is sort of a profound spiritual teaching wrapped in a benign seeming riddle.

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I knew a vampyre witch a while back, that had a laughing buddha statue in her home.The statue was a portal for her vampires. In the astral, they looked like buddha, but were not. So, it is possible that what you saw were demon that had a buddha appearance. An Asian looking entity that deluded the appearance of buddha.

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Some of the best advice ive ever heard about dealing with spirits is “If you encounter buddha walking down the path to enlightenment, kill him.”

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