Why is latin such a powerful language when used in magic?

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Latin is the foundation stone to so much of the western worlds language namely ‘English’. It can therefore contain the raw accumulation of our thoughts and feelings. Many ancient dialects tend to have this deep essence about them.

Many moons ago, the only books available were educational and these were all written in Latin. This made them inaccessible to most people as only a few could read in those days. You can therefore imagine the ignorance and fear generated from people’s curiosity towards these books thinking that they were evil or diabolical in some way. In reality of cause, they were just tutorials written on the syntax of language, communication and grammar.

later on as more people started to read and write, books became very popular and so did the subject of the occult, especially magic. These fantastical books apparently, taught the reader how to conjure spirits through the correct use of words or conjuration.

The French always had a great passion and fascination for magic, which led the way in many paths of the occult. They had a great influence on the slaves in the Caribbean for example, which is clearly seen through modern Vodoun practices. So these books on conjuration or the ‘power of words’ if you like, were aptly titled ‘grimoire’ which was old French for grammar.

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It is a language of precision, as well. Concepts are both accurate and precise which is why it remains popular as the basis in both science and law.

The grammar has few exceptions, particularly in pronunciation; it is not cobbled together, so like ancient Greek, and Hebrew, the symbolism is more uniform and universal. Therefore it is a way of unifying thought among the users. Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric.

[“Teach Yourself Latin by F. Kinchin Smith” Excerpt page ix

The Latin language has been the main vehicle of Western Culture. To a first-had knowledge of the creeds, codes, laws, literature, philosophy, and science of Western Europe, considered in their historical development, it remains an indispensable key. At the present time, when great social changes are impending, it is more than ever necessary that men and women should have a clear understanding of the path by which they have already come. This is impossible without Latin. Latin culture is not an obstacle to modern knowledge but a necessary element in it. Our civilization will lose in breadth and depth, in stability and richness, if it is severed from its Latin roots.

The linguistic training of Latin, emphasizing as it does constant processes of analysis and synthesis, teaches clarity and precision of thought, lucidity of expression in English, and in particular the ability to distinguish the thought and the form in which it is expressed. The position of Latin is unique in this respect because, more than any other language likely to to be studied, it involves the translation not of single words but of ideas.

Not only is a knowledge of Latin indispensable as a scientific basis of European language studies, but we believe the training that it involves to be of unrivaled assistance towards the subsequent study of almost any new subject.]

Couple that with actual self-knowledge devoid of deceit, fraud, inaccuracy, and with self-love above all…and you are a powerhouse magickally. And a coven with unified purpose and a true meeting of minds…