Latin Spell for Death and Destruction

Cast circle, create sigil for demon of your choice, avoid Andras for this !!!
Prepare and open demons sigil, it does require a little blood. Pass it thru incense smoke, add a pinch of salt, drops of water, and pass quickly thru candle flame. You will need a black candle, inscribe targets name going downwards, some dume oil, and black arts incense. Charge candle. Apply oil. Light candle with incense or lighter. Call demon by chanting enn 9x. Open sigil by gazing into it.
Spell: ( Target) Maledictio!
Illis sit daemons
Carpe illis it quod tormentum
Percutiat illis diripere rip eorum
Ossium dum nune prae angustia sordes
Sicine subrepsti super tabulae erunt et patitur illis it fugienda excommunicavit eorum famamque
Penetrarent et vitae quod destrui et eorum infelix domum cadere in illis
Et autem turpi foetor autem mortem resurgemus ex quod.
Perform on full moon in the evening, moon in Scorpio, on a Tuesday at Mars hour. Bury remnants far away from your home, never return to this place.


Does this mean it can only be performed in May?

Why can’t you use Andras?

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So I’m assuming this is a fatal baneful spell.

What exactly does it do in detail though and does anyone have experience with it working?

Just curious has it been used and what were the results?

It is a very baneful spell that destroys the targets life and then it kills. Why I said don’t invoke Andras, is because in the hands of a beginner it can be fatal to the caster as well. For experienced sorcerers only. It ruins e everything in their life, and then it kills. And yes, for the most baneful results wait for full moon in Scorpio, it is to be done in the evening, with only the light of candle, no disturbances.


And yes I have used it, the results were satisfactory.

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You can if you’re experienced

At the moment the most excellent curse is to channel the corona covid virus. The mage Ryan Stirner :heart: had its sigil channelled.


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roughly translated means…
(Target) The curse!
Those demon
Take it to them as artillery
The LORD shall smite them, to tear or rip their
As Death Knights now, through anguish, so long as the filth of the
You creep up on their boards, and allow it to escape their reputations excommunicavit
The unhappy men from entering the house and of the life to fall by them, and of them that they be destroyed,
And the foul stench of death on the rise.


Book mark on this

what will happen if the moon not in scorpio

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That’s not how it was translated exactly from my Latin book, there was no mention of the Lord anywhere, this was only vaguely similar, hmmmm

It’s best done during Scorpio moon if you want it to be severe and merciless

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My blood or can i use something like stwak blood. Lamb to cover digil of demon,? Thanks

Yours, get a lancet used for diabetics easy and sterile

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The word tormentum translates to conflict

I could go on, but i know its an effective spell, have used it, worked on it with a black magician who has also used it with success

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can i add more then 1 demon, Glasya Labolas, Dratalon, Norath and I dont know Lykania maybe…

Just in may right


Thanks so much.

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Yes you could