Latent Soul Travel?

So, tonight I’m practicing my soul travel, walking around in the astral, when I walk over to a phone.

I decide to push it, and in the astral, it falls. But not physically, I can’t really hear it. I frown, but don’t think of it much.

Exactly one hour later, I hear a bang in my house. I prepare to do a banishing (I’m paranoid), but when I walk over it’s… the phone.

Dropped in the same place that it did in the astral.


What is done on the Astral has effects of the Material. I personally don’t astral travel much as that is not my focus now, and I am not good at yet. But all my spellcrafting is done on the Astral (think of it like me bringing the mountain to Muhammad). We plant the seeds of the Astral and the bloom on the material.

Good job though, see if you can start cutting the time down, couple this with being able to project while moving your body and you are well on your way to telekinesis.

Good to know I’m on the right path!

Thanks Oris!