Last night

So, last night while I was on my bed, scrolling through my phone I heard a loud sniffing sound in my ear. I have no idea what it came from. I thought it was my incubus trying to get my attention, though I suspect it is just my sleep deprivation from last night. Does any of your spirits make loud noises in your ears?

I guess it depends on how “deep in it” I am. Did you hear anything else?

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Depending on how intensely warded your place is, it might just have been astral wildlife wandering through, that happened to catch you on the right wavelength at the right time.


Well, something clearly barked at me the other day from the same direction my altar is standing. There are some things just passing by, once in a while.


Yeah! I think that’s what it is! Because it sounded more animalistic than humanoid. Like a dog sniffing at you. Then it was gone!
Dog ghosties! :confounded:

That’s super cool! Do you think that I could contact them, or give them offerings like dog/cat treats?

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