Last night’s dream

So the other night, I had this dream where I was hanging out with some of the kids from my middle school class. This is a theme that constantly shows up. I guess the reason why is because I had to transfer schools in highschool and since then struggled with forming or maintaining relationships. I’ve always been wandering from group to group, never truly knowing anyone.

The dream started with this kid named Josh, one of my best friends. He moved back into the neighborhood. We sat at this picnic table outside. Then came Graham, Louis, Gordon, and Mike. I burst into tears seeing them all there.

Then came some the girls, Christina, Renee, Amy, and Brittany. When they arrived, I felt very uncomfortable. It felt like they’re presence only meant trouble. I wasn’t too nice to them, so I felt like they were gonna call me off on it. Though I didn’t want them to ignore me either, but didn’t know how to get they’re attention without making them feel uncomfortable.

Some how after that, I ended up in a hotel. I saw this huge pc gaming tournament happening. I wanted to be a part of it. Though, I was told I make some of the people feel uncomfortable, and they thought I was shady.

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