This is my own personal views on the subject. For the record I’ve never LARPed I’m not much into games. So I have no option on it, but when it comes to Magick you have to know where the line is. Magick is not a game that you can just fold and put in a box until next time. Once you have opened those doors and let whom or what ever in, it’s not going to see it as a game and can FUBAR your life. Magick is not a weekend game it is a complete life changing experience. Well that’s my take on the subject.


The dabblers wind up obsessed like us sometimes however. I honestly couldn’t care less if someone fucks up their life with magick.


On one hand I agree, but you have to consider that if enough people were to FUBAR their life via magick it could have an effect on more than just that person. Eventually it could FUBAR you as well.

no, better to tread carefully for all involved, IMO.


As Lady_Eva once put it could turn into unexpected unintentional mental disease. Lady_Eva if you are seeing please correct me I’m sure I have it mixed up in some way.

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I actually don’t know why I wrote my comment like that. Actually I like to help as much as I can with matters of magick, so technically it means I do care.

Don’t know what happened. I was not intoxicated at all.

Maybe I’m possessed. Lol.


Magick is a two edged blade that can cut both ways even eventually for the more experienced. That’s why it should be approached with respect. IMO.


I really have to agree.

I hear you! It may sound odd, but I have also been lashing out lately in ways that are out of character for me.

To be honest I’ve written so much on here about magick and madness, I’d barely know where to search… :laughing:

I think the kind of magick we do here is innately destabilsing - it begins with demons and telepathic contact, then you get into altering reality, but as I also observed, the RHP and the concept of renouncing the world and merger can fuck people up even worse.