Large scale experiments with talisman of counter creation

So dunno if anyone has experimented with this buy last year i planted my first talisman of counter creation at the university football stadium where i live. My reasoning for doing this was i had a theory that sports stadiums are essentially the modern version of the roman colosseum with the teams being thhe modern gladiators. Gladiators being worshiped by fans in those times, sports teams being worshiped by fans now.

As a result of this last year after the burial if the talisman i very quickly found myself needing less and less sleep about 2-3 hours or so, craving food less but having so much energy that it seemed like i was on a constant crazy caffine high.

The only downside i found to this experiment was when the season had ended and my body had gotten used to auch high i take of energy than before. The energetic crash had me feeling like a corpse untill i buried my second talisman on holy ground for a steady flow of energy. I found it hasn’t been as intense as the first, needed a bit more sleep, the constant caffine state vanished but i wasn’t a walking corpse anymore after a few days.

Gonna experiment with this at other types of places where the “star” of the venue is worshiped like concert halls.


Very interesting observations! Good work.


You always do great work :heart:


I might consider putting one at the base of the Salt Lake Temple

Damn I’ve changed a lot…