There is a language I am interested in knowing it more perfect, which demon can help me out on this situation

Agares - can teach all languages

Ronove - has knowledge of Tongues

Forneaus - has knowledge and understanding of Tongues

Haagenti - can make men wise and instruct them in diverse matters

All found within the Lesser Key of Solomon (Goetia).


@DarkestKnight already posted, but in my case Agarez worked pretty well.

These days I’m still improving in English and Spanish, already fluent in Japanese and Portuguese, but from the last year to this moment, I can say that I improved, like, 1000% in English.

So Agarez is great for that.


Did you learn in afew days?

darknest knight thanks so much for your suggestion, for absolutely honest my astral senses are not developed enough to see or hear spirit, so I am not sure which ritual should I use and connect with agaras I am just specific I need to know only one language it is called luganda

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You could do a petition spell to Agares for help with learning Luganda easier than normal. Then proceed to learn by less magical means. There is at least one channel that covers tutorials on the language on youtube, based on a quick search


help me out and write example of this petition spell and how to address time frame

This thread is pretty similiar to how I would do it, an exception being that I write the petition behind the sigil so it is burned when I burn the sigil after the end of ritual to save on paper. It was written by @DarkestKnight.

Be realistic with the time frame. Unless you are obsessed with the language (which can happen), you likely will need some time to learn it efficiently.


King Paimon can help with tongues also.


for the case of time frame I will not include it because I know it takes months and months of practice in order to know the language fluently

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