Lamps of Fate Photos


Does anyone have photos of the finished product? I am trying to visualize how to do mine.


I will post some later. They don’t look special. Just candles. Lol! I have to do one for a client so I’ll post pictures. Jar candles are the easiest.


Once i get started on my next one ill post it. Just lit one the other night. :laughing: didnt think to save a pic of it.


Forgot about this with how busy things got.Current lamp I am working on, before sigil carving and burial. Made with paraffin wax and a metal mold.


:wink: great work. Hunt down the Litanies of Arezura of you don’t already have that ebook. The Litanies are a potent means of charging the Lamps of Fate.


A Lamp of made with awakened Hibiscus to purify negative energies and charged with the litinay of the blood moon during the waning moon for aggressive protections while the wax was melted.

Interesting thing i noticed is the flame of the wick which was not primmed is 4 times the height of my alter candle. Likely from binding the negitive energies and using it as fuel.