Lamborghinis and Emily Kravitz

I just dreamed clear as day that I saw and got good glimpses of My dream car. The first glimpse was the standard yellow Lamborghini with a fine Woman beside it.

The second glimpse was a unique and badass retro/futuristic version of it.
I also met a woman named Emily/Katie Kravitz
Dont know who that is, but still.

The last time I had a dream like this, the next day I was given a car. Literally. A Mercedez. Title and all.
I wonder if this is the same type of dream :thinking:

I woke up from the dream only to have this song runnin through my head:

And no i wasnt thinking about a dream car at all. Ive pretty much given up on it (and most of my dreams) due to my circumstances.

Any Advice or Interpretations?

(The thing that I got was that since im doing Alchemy with Adrammelech im about to have a badass unique body :joy::joy::joy:)

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