OMG!!! I was finally visited by the beautiful goddess Lakshmi Saturday night… she took me out of my body, I heard the most beautiful music being played and saw a long horned trumpet… what I saw I can only describe as being heavenly… i was so touched by the experience afterwards I sat on side of bed and cried!!! Thursday night I performed a spell of wealth,love and prosperity with Lakshmi. I set her altar back up, while throwing rice on it I asked her to come to me(but didn’t really feel or see anything) I also mentioned to her that I have had her statute for a while and would chant mantra’s to her but she never revealed herself to me and I would like to meet her… well she did… a total amazing experience…


Great, I too want to try that can you input me the ritual details.

put Lakshmi spell in yahoo search engine… the spell/ritual is on pinterest…

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Okay will do it.