Lake of fire ritual help

Was recently listening to the book of azazel again and the lake of fire ritual caught my attention I understand that I must walk through workings with Belial, amaymon,abodon I’m already in a pact with azazel so I don’t think I’ll have to do another path working with him considereing I’ve built a 4 month relationship with him already so my question here is can I do this completely alone and what are the proper archangel sigils to use I have EA koettings complete works so I’ve came across most of the angelic sigils in his other books are theses the right ones to use. Also I know in the book he preformed this ritual out side could this be done in doors in side my temple. I also want to add that last night during a evocation of azazel he told me to seek out the information to perform this ritual so that’s why I’m here

You don’t have to do the Gatekeeper pathworkings in order to do the Lake of Fire ritual. Back when the Book of Azazel was first published, many here did the Lake of Fire ritual without working with any of the individual Gatekeeperso (the specific Gatekeeper pathworkings didn’t exist then) other than Azazel.

Yes, you can. If you read some of the experiences on the forum, you will find many different ways of doing the ritual.

if you read the Book of Azazel, you will see that the angel seals used were those of the Watchtowers, and you will find them in Evoking Eternity.

Yes, you can. Most people do as few have the luxury of an outdoor space.


To get to the Lake of Fire you have to go to the Underworld and that means to work with Astarte Astaroth. One by one pass through the 7 gates and than unite with the infernal in the Lake of Fire. Be a pure soul and through your will have to return to being and pass through the gates upwards to the surface.

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Thank you for coming on here and clearing some things up for me

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You’re welcome, man. Good luck with the ritual. I haven’t done it myself, but from what those who have, have described, it can be a profound experience.