Lady wearing black sighting

(Not sure if I should post it here).

I’m a bit scared. Today, I was getting the bus to come home from the local town. When I was getting ready to board, I heard a woman talking in a loud voice. Almost like she was making fun of someone. That’s the best way I can describe it.

She had long, shiny black hair. Like it was healthy. She was wearing black, and had red lipstick. I felt intimidated by her, but I feel intimidated by everyone who’s my age. She looked about 21.

I tried not to look at her as I sat down. But when I looked up, she was gone. Nobody seemed to notice her. It seemed like she just vanished into thin air.

Who is she? I’m nearly crying, thinking I’ve gone mad. I’ve been trying to look after myself lately by taking vitamins for my immune system, and getting my vaccines to prevent sickness. Could this have anything to do with her?


That has nothing to do with it.

And it sounds like Lilith is messing with you, or it could be a wandering spirit, they love to screw with magicians, i have a few stores myself lol


Sounds like Lilith to me.


Vaccines arent going to make you see spirits.

I don’t know who that is but isn’t that what you want? I mean the goal of a lot of people on here is to be able to see a spirit and you saw one! Congrats!

Are you scared because you saw her or are you scared because you’re unsure who she was?

Did you try to talk to her or anything?


Tell me about what she was talking about, any words you can remember?

Was the woman on the bus or outside the bus when you were boarding?

Did anything catch your attention recently after or before this? And I mean literally anything.

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It was just startling how she appeared and disappeared. No idea who she is, so i had a bit of anxiety around her.

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No, I could hear her voice but not the words. It was almost like it was muffled in some way. I remember a womans phone rang off really loud, and it was she was trying to talk louder, but it was still muffled.

She was on the bus when I was boarding.

No, only that i really wanted to go home. I felt a bit uneasy before hand.

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What magick have you done lately?

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have you done anything at all?

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Well I wouldn’t worry about it unless something happens in the future, just be on the lookout for things potentially relating to her.

Best thing you could do in my opinion, is to ignore it as if it never happened. She’s a spirit, probably one who was watching you doing magick. They get attracted by the rituals.

I think you don’t do any banishing when you’re practicing magick. So things like that may occur, probably your senses are getting stronger or she really wanted you to know.

It’s scary but nothing to worry about. She didn’t mean to scare you.

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@Becca I’ve had that happen on the bus before but with a male apparition. It can be a ghost of someone who used to take that root. I believe my one was a ghost as its looked like a normal passanger then suddenly wasn’t there when you looked up.

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I dont know anything about Lillith, unfortunately. I do know there’s an urban legend about a ghost called the lady in black. But I think she’s usually more pictured as a crone. Not a young woman… very odd. I’d probably be pretty scared too.

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my dear,
are you sure she had long, shiny black hair and red lipstick ?

because one week ago,
i dreamed about that woman too with white skin and she said
I am lilith
I’ve been beside you all this time
but you can’t see me

even though I never did any ritual to lilith


Find your inner bitch and step into her shoes, this kind of response will seem weak to some spirits and may be a problem.

Mad - mental illness - isn’t seeing random women for which there are logical explanations, including magick - mad is a range of inability-to-cope things and usually results in you smelling, struggling with basic daily tasks, and not being able to have a normal conversation, ever. If you’re not having those problems you’re probably not “mad.”