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Can the moderators or the people who run this site make a pinned post up top regarding the flooding of “get your ex back” posts, and the likeness of them ?

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Of course.

But Will they?!? :sweat:

Tune in tomorrow–Same Magick-time, Same Magick-forum! To find out!


This is the real question! :disappointed:


Here is my wooden nickel’s worth:

No, they won’t.

The mods will never begrudge someone’s reason for coming here. We may find the constant repetition of subject matter annoying, but so what? Whatever brings people to magick is what matters.

Also, Eva has already mentioned in other topics similar to this that pinned threads are almost always ignored. It’s been tried with the various instructional threads for beginners, but people seem to go right past them. :man_shrugging:


Make your threads to help these people out instead of bitching about them. I made my own threads for newbies and started to link to threads in it.

I saw a lot of people asking for help and thought of instead of complaining, I help out instead. This isn’t really helpful to anyone.


I get what you are saying, but the problem is that many people can get pretty annoying and ask the same thing multiple times over and over when they already have all the info on the forum already.

I’m actually surprised that since I rejoined, the frequency of “how can I get my ex back” posts has gone drastically down. It is not even half now of what it used to be last year.

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Arguing sematics when it comes down to choice. I get what your saying but, I have seen people start to make intro threads where they don’t have too when there is a thread specifically for that. Choosing to be annoyed or to help is what your suggesting which if your busy isn’t an option. I see most posts to glean new directions for my path perhaps from the spirits I work with. However I look at categories… again it is niether helpful nor detrimental to see 100s of posts if not more about these paticular threads

Actually, individual threads for introductions were brought in by Timothy around last November or so because the dedicated Intro thread is nearing its limit and they wanted to prevent automatic lockout. The “BALG rules” page was adjusted by Lady Eva to specifically tell people to make a New Topic for intros for this reason, and it is also why the section header was changed to “New Magician and Introductions.”


Take a page from our local Batman and you could post a link to the most bad ass ‘get your ex back’ thread ever you could create.

You are just complaining and not helping. Batman truly helps this forum. Copy him, its what I did. I saw a need and tried to help. Maybe you should think of doing the same?

Or use this thread.

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I said it’s a matter of choice.i help where I can.

Can but will not, people seldom read stickied posts (years of experience talking here) and also, for every “annoying post” there is actually a human being in extreme emotional pain who is possibly turning to what they see as a dangerous last resort to find some happiness.

Please treat people gently, when they post like this, they’re not an homogenous mass nor is the person posting this week responsible for (or in cahoots with) the people who posted previously. :+1:

I made a pinned topic years ago for this very issue, Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked and people blew up with questions instead of using it as the forum grimoire of proven methods it was meant to be, but if someone has a big success in this area, PM me and I will open it to add your own account.

@DarkestKnight already covered that, we are actually trying to encourage people to make their own intro thread, people can still use the mega-thread but it will eventually lock at 10,000 posts which will mean renovating a bunch of old links, and people tend to post intros with questions in, the replies of which are best in their own topic. :+1:

Finally, remember you can always Mute an individual topic (that also goes for new members, so if anyone asks, help 'em out) - this will also prevent it showing up in Latest and you won’t get any notifications from it, even if someone’s @'s your name or replies to you.

To do this, go to the bottom of that topic and you will see a button, if you replied it will be set to Watching, or otherwise to Normal, and you can select that and make it Muted.

  • Scroll down to this, it may say Normal if you have not replied in that topic:

  • Click to open the drop-down menu:

  • You can also use this to follow any topic. :+1:

And for your own benefit, you can MUTE an entire category, such as love spells or new members, by going to the circle by the New Topic button and selecting it, so once you have moved the question there you will not be troubled by it again. :+1:


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